Men give us five USANA products!

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Published in USANA Australia Magazine 2013 Summer edition

Men are notorious for avoiding check-ups and ducking the doctor. But health checks and living a healthy life – where healthy diet, regular exercise and stress relief are concerned – are all essentials for good health. Looking for a supplement support program for your man?

Here are five fab supplements to power up your man…

1. USANA Essentials/ HealthPak

Most people don’t consume the recommended two servings of fruit and five veggie servings. so, as you do your best to enjoy the best product around, a multivitamin/minerals may bridge the nutritional gap. These great all-rounders that contain a potent mix of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are easy for the body to absorb and therefore use. USANA HealthPak and contains the AO Booster with three potent antioxidants. One of these is resveratrol which is a powerful antioxidant. USANA HealthPak also provides bones strengthening calcium and minerals. Vitamin C to protect cells from free radicals including those produced as a by-product of extra exercise.

2. USANA Biomega

An excellent source of the long chain marine oils EPA and DHA. These fuel many essential functions and are a must for heart health as well as being potent anti-inflammatories. The body can’t make these particular oils so, unless you’re tucking into two to three servings of oily fish each week, take USANA Biomega regularly and long-term. Take with your USANA HealthPak or USANA Essentials to boost absorption.

3. USANA Fibergy Plus

The magic number is 30g fiber a day but most of us fall short by 10g or so. Just one tablespoon of Fibergy Plus provides 12g. Plus, getting enough fiber helps to cleanse the gut so that nasty waste products don’t linger and stay in contact with the gut.

4. USANA CoQuinone 100

The fires up your body’s tiny energy stations, mitochondria. It’s a great partner for exercisers – working out hard means that the body uses up naturally produced CoQ10 and so, a supplement may be needed. Plus, a poor diet and /or taking certain medications such as blood cholesterol-lowering medicines may mean a bigger need for CoQ10 – check with your doctor.

5. USANA Probiotic

A potent concentration of beneficial bacteria, these mini marvels help to protect the gut from invasion by harmful microbes. Probiotics also produce vitamins and help the body absorb minerals. Poor diet, antibiotics and stress can kill the beneficial bacteria leaving room for harmful bacteria, mini marauders which can them take over the intestine triggering symptoms like bloating, wind and inflammation. USANA Probiotic contains live bacteria to replace the good bacteria the body can lose and defend it against harmful microbes.

Remember, according to your age, stage, lifestyle and health, other supplements may suit you better. Check out the True Health Assessment for a really accurate picture of your nutritional needs.


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