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Are you a mum on the run? Life style and USANA Products

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usana mums

Article extracted from USANA Australia Magazine 2014

What do we want? Good health and happiness for the family, chocolate, a bit of extra cash, a few extra hours in every day, to lose a few kilos, boosted energy and skin that glows like Cate Blanchet’s. Well, that’s not much to ask for, is it? Being short on time and focussing on the family means many mums put themselves last. But looking after yourself is essential – the family relies on it!

Start with breakfast

You literally break the overnight fast with the first meal of the day – it also kick-starts your metabolism. Skipping breakfast prolongs your body’s fasting state and if you do it regularly, you may slow down your body’s metabolism as it tries to conserve energy. Over time, this can lead to weight gain.

Enter USANA Nutrimeal

Low GI is king. And, choosing low GI foods for breakfast especially when combined with protein and fibre is ideal. This combo is especially important in the morning when you break your overnight fast.

Again, it’s down to the way your body handles insulin. Levels of insulin tend to be low in early morning but once you’re awake, your body ramps up insulin secretion to metabolise the glucose released by your body to help you get going.

Some studies have shown that GI values actually change over the day. So, when different foods were tested for the GI value, scientists found that the same food eaten later in the day prompted a lower glucose response. So a high protein, low GI breakfast is especially important.

The US National Weight Control Registry which collects a large amount of information about weight losers and their habits found that in people who had lost around 14kg or so, a massive 90 per cent of those who had kept it off for a year ate breakfast on most days of the week.

Choose a quick-to-make breakfast that’s low GI/high protein plus contains little satisfying fat such as:

  • Heavy, grainy toast with peanut butter
  • Yoghurt with fruit
  • Scrambled eggs with toast and tomato
  • Porridge oats with blueberries

USANA Nutrimeal is a great choice. With all of the nutrients – protein, healthy fat and low GI carbohydrates that you’d expect from a healthy meal, it takes just a few minutes to mix up in a blender bottle. If you have a little more time to spare, blend it with some frozen berries for a tasty, nutrient-packed meal in a glass. Or, pour into a leak proof water bottle and enjoy when you can.

Replace two meals a day and you’re on your way!

Because USANA Nutrimeal is strictly portion and calories controlled, replaced two meals per day with USANA Nutrimeal can help you to lose weight – as long as your third meal is a healthy, calories controlled one!

And, it’s not a short-term fix – long-term follow up studies show that meal replacements like USANA Nutrimeal may actually help people stay within their new lower weight range.

Eating and energy

Mums need boundless energy so you’ll need to eat smarter! Choose:

  • Lots of veggies and fruits
  • Wholegrains most of the time
  • Fish – especially oily fish – two to three times per week
  • Lean meat and/or vegetarian proteins such as pulses and tofu (not fried)
  • Plenty of water – choose foods with high water content too. If you’re feeling sluggish, it could be from dehydration as fatigue is a common symptom of this. So a good first step in the fight for grater wakefulness is to drink some H20.

Low GI less processed carbohydrates are best because they’re:

  • Packed with nutrients
  • Provide long-lasting energy
  • Help keep you fuller for longer

High GI simple carbohydrates are not a good choice as they can:

  • Leave you hungry for more
  • Are mostly empty calories
  • Provide only short-lived energy.

Find time for you

Mum’s put the family first leaving little time for themselves. But finding some you time is important, boosting the sense of self-control and self-esteem. You are doing something positive for your health and over time, boosting your physical health.

Weight-bearing exercise for example helps to strengthen the bones, aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and lungs and weight lifting and aerobic exercise helps to replace body fat with muscle for a leaner, shapelier shape that you can be proud of. Yoga and Tai chi also help you to focus your breathing helping you feel calmer.

Exercise – more benefits

According to the Black Dog Institute exercise can lift mood and even treat depression. How?

1. Raising your energy levels – so you feel better able to cope with daily tasks

2. Providing distraction from concerns – it’s only you and your body so exercise with some upbeat buddies

3. Exercise but do something you like so you’ll be much more likely to stick with it. Make it a long term health boost

4. Work out on an empty stomach in the morning and your body goes directly into the fat stores for energy. Then, enjoy a deliciously healthy brekkie.

What’s with the mum tum?

Whether it’s caused by work, friends, family or even food-related villains (coffee and sugar are common culprits) stress triggers the release of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol causes you to lay down weight, particularly around the middle.

A weight-loss program that helps you lose half to one kilogram per week is more likely to be kept off. Try replacing one or two meals per day with a USANA Nutrimeal switching down to one per day and two healthy meals and healthy snacks when you reach your healthy weight range.

Get some rest

Sleep can be at a premium especially with baby or young child. But sleep is so important for health of body and mind. Lack of sleep can not only leave you feeling exhausted, it can also trigger the release of a hormone called ghrelin which is associated with hunger. Lack of sleep stimulates the pleasure centres in the brain to seek out high-energy foods so you crave a fast sugar hit followed by an insulin low and so the vicious cycle goes on.

Great skin basics

A balanced diet full of whole foods and high in fibre, fruits, vegetables and protein sources is best. Also make sure you get regular exercise – stretch and take a walk every day. Get trash air, sleep with your window open and breathe deep long breaths.

Essential fatty acids are great for skin. Fish oil (USANA Biomega) in particular helps hydrate it, as does flaxseed oil. Sprinkle some freshly ground flaxseeds (USANA Optomega) or some walnuts to a bowl of breakfast cereal with berries.

Lots of nutrients interact with one another to boost the look and texture of your body’s largest organ, your skin.

Here are just some of the nutrients

1. Vitamin C promotes collagen-production and improves skin tone helping skin to stay smooth. Vitamin C is very prone to oxidation and many C containing cosmetic products lose their potency fast. Find long lasting potent vitamin C in USANA Poly C and in USANA Proflavanol C100

2. Beta carotene (which is converted into vitamin A in the body as the body needs it) aids healing and the creation of new skin tissue, vitamin E, a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant which protects against free radical damage inside the skin and zinc for smooth, supple skin. Find all of these in USANA Essentials and USANA HealthPak

3. Grape seed extract is a high-potency antioxidant which protects the skin from free radicals, zinc repairs and strengthens tissue.

4. Zinc and Omega 3 for smooth, plumped skin – find it in the excellent sustainably sourced BiOmegaTM.



Happy mother’s day!

Parenthood is full on, but exercise can actually boost flagging energy levels. You will feel better and able to cope with daily tasks!

A balanced diet full of whole foods and high in fibre, fruits, vegetables and protein sources is best.

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USANA’s children’s vitamins

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USANA’s Usanimals and your child

usana childrens vitamins

If you child could benefit from a vitamin and mineral supplement, a food supplement such as USANA’s Usanimals is a good option.

usana usanimals

Click here to order USANA Usanimals

USANA Usanimals contains an excellent range of the essential vitamins (including B vitamins), minerals (including iron), and antioxidants (found in fruit and veggies) your a balanced formula t hat supports healthy growth and development in children. Usanimals is suitable for children aged two to 12 years. Keep vitamin supplements away and out of reach of children.

And, as your child grows, it’s normal to gradually make more and more personal choices and that includes choosing what they eat. The teenage years are also ones of massive change – physically with sexual maturation and skin changes. So, a daily nutrition supplement such as USANA supplements may help to bolster teens’ growing needs.

Offer a USANA Usanimals tablet at the end of a meal – it contains fat-soluble vitamins including vitamin D which can only be absorbed with food. The formulation will also aid the body’s metabolism of omega-3s.

USANA’s Body Rox for your teen

Body Rox is a comprehensive and convenient formula of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for active healthy immunity and skin health; It’s a formula that’s specifically developed for teenagers.

USANA’s Biomega Jr

An easy and tasty way for children to get the valuable DHA and EPA they need for a healthy body and to support overall good health.

usana biomega Jr

Click here to order USANA Biomega Jr

  • USANA Biomega Jr comes in a tasty single serving sugar-free, orange flavoured gel with no fishy after-taste.
  • Use straight from the packet or stir it into yogurt or other creamy foods like custard.
  • For best results, store in t he refrigerator and serve cold.
  • Natually sweetened with stevia.
  • 14-Pack of convenient single-serve packets (offer one every other day).

Is your child getting enough omega-3s?

Two essential omega-3 fats called EPA and DHA are particularly important for human health – including children’s health. EPA supports heart health and DHA is a key component of the eyes and the nervous system. DHA is also thought to play an import role in healthy brain development and function. Both EPA and DHA are needed for every age and at every stage of development and throughout life.

The Australian National Heart Foundation suggests an intake of 500 milligrams of omega-3 fats daily for children and adults – this equates to two to three meals of oil-rich fish like salmon and trout per week.

Supplementary speaking

Your child may benefit from a nutritional supplement if he or she:

  • Does not eat well balanced meals made from fresh ingredients.
  • Doesn’t eat a wide variety of foods/is a fussy eater.
  • Is very active and plays physically demanding sports regularly.
  • Eats lots of fast foods or foods that are full of fat and or sugar. The occasional take away is fine but it’s important not to rely on fast foods regularly.
  • Is a strict vegetarian i.e. does not eat any eggs or milk. If your child is a vegan, an iron supplement or a B12 supplement may be required, too. Your doctor will advise you.
  • Has food allergies such as cow’s milk intolerance or has allergies or digestive problems – again, your doctor will advise you.
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USANA Products and Women’s Health

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usana-products-for-womenArticle extracted from USANA Australia Product Focus.

We’re all unique, yet women share the potential for a number of health challenges. Yes, We’re talking bellies, bones, brains and more!


You already know the health risks of carrying too much body fat on your long-term health cardiovascular diseases and chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes and even brain health – especially if you don’t banish the belly fat in your middle years). But carrying too much around the middle seems to be particularly harmful. Belly fat AKA visceral fat releases chemicals that trigger inflammation. Short term, inflammation helps your body repair itself. But long-term, it has the opposite effect. It’s a bit like your body being damaged by a harsh brush causing wounding over and over again. The eventual scarring causes problems with
blood flow and oxygen which all living cells need to survive and thrive.So, if you’re a woman who measures over 80cm around your waist, do what you need to do to lose weight until you’re in your healthy weight range. Following your very own RESET Challenge is an effective way to cut the kilos. Because meals and snacks are strictly portion controlled, there is no
chance of overdoing the calories and no need to think about meals either. For five days, just replace all three meals per day with a USANA Nutrimeal and enjoy two USANA Snacks between meals (or try the Go Nuts ’n’ Berries™ bar which is just 150 calories and provides a massive 500mg of vegetarian omega-3). Later, switch to two USANA Nutrimeal daily plus snacks and when you reach your target weight, maintain your weight by replacing breakfast, lunch or dinner with a USANA Nutrimeal. People who are pregnant, lactating, have allergies, are taking medications,
or are under the care of a physician should consult with their doctor and secure his or her advice before following the USANA RESET, changing diet, and beginning an exercise program.

Losing weight healthily

When you want to lose weight, you may feel that missing a meal or two is an effective way to cut calories. But this can backfire – especially if you choose to skip breakfast. The US National Weight Control Registry, an organisation which collects a large amount of information about weight losers and their habits found that in those people who had
lost weight, a massive 90 per cent of those who managed to keep it off for a year ate breakfast on most days of the week. That’s because a healthy breakfast helps to fuel your body and mind leaving you less likely to grab unhealthy snacks and derailing your best get-healthy plans.

The stress-belly fat connection

Bloating is a very individual thing – it can be caused by eating foods that don’t agree with you, medications including antibiotics and some other lifestyle factors. Stress triggers
the release of the hormone cortisol and in time, this powerful anti-inflammatory hormone can mean that your body lays down fat, particularly around the middle. So, enjoying a
healthy diet, controlling stress with time out and stressrelievers like yoga and meditation plus vigorous aerobic exercise can all help.

Beneficial beings

The beneficial bacteria that live naturally in your gut are an important part of your immune system. But healthy microflora can be destroyed by stress, diet and alcohol, lifestyle,
illness and the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics. These bacteria are also an important part of your immune defences. Replenishing your good bacteria by providing them with
the foods they love (wholegrains, legumes and cultured milk products and fermented food like sauerkraut) can help. Also, think about supplementing with the excellent USANA
Probiotic® which contains billions of viable microorganisms to help your body reach a happy dynamic. Experts recommend that if you try a course of probiotics, that you do so for at
least three weeks in order to see an improvement. Combining Probiotic with a teaspoon or two of USANA Fibergy™ Plus helps to cleanse you from the inside out. Plus, it provides food for the beneficial bacteria helping them to flourish.

What about alcohol?

Ever heard of the term ‘beer belly?’ There’s a reason why alcohol is associated with belly weight. When alcohol is broken down, the excess calories are converted into a form
of fat called triglycerides. Excess triglycerides tend to be stored in the liver and around the abdominal organs – high GI carbohydrates tend to have the same effect. So, cutting
down on calories, high GI carbohydrates and on alcohol plus exercising regularly can help reduce the amount of fat that’s stored around your middle. Try to stick to one or two alcoholic drinks per day maximum and aim for at least three non-alcohol days weekly. You may also want to try USANA’s effective liver tonic is USANA HepaPlus™. It contains milk thistle, a potent herbal liver protector and a patented form of the antioxdant spice, turmeric. Losing
weight also releases fats stored in the organs and this helps to ensure that the liver can function at its best to cleanse the body of toxins.


Lots of minerals work together to build and strengthen your bones and teeth. The major bone mineral is calcium – it gives strength to your bones foundations. Your body continues to lay down calcium and other minerals into your bones until your early twenties. Getting enough ensures that your bones are the strongest that they can be. Lack of calcium means that this precious mineral is taken out of your bones whenever it is needed in the blood or in muscles. Bone loss accelerates around the time of the menopause and for about 10 years
afterwards making you more likely to develop the bonethinning condition, osteoporosis. Getting enough calcium remains vital whatever your age and stage because it helps to
slow down bone loss in later life and reduces the potential for osteoporosis.

Protect your bones

Good food sources of calcium include low-fat dairy products, fortified soya products, nuts (especially almonds), seeds (especially sesame and sesame products), canned fish such
as salmon and sardines, plus leafy green veggies such as broccoli and bok choy.

Calcium works with other minerals including magnesium to build bone strength. It’s also magnesium’s job to ‘hold hands’ with calcium and take it into the bones and teeth where it
is needed and to ensure that it isn’t deposited in unwanted places.

Vitamin D

Your body needs vitamin D to be able to absorb calcium. Yet, almost 60 per cent of women have low levels of vitamin D according to Past-President of the Australian and New
Zealand Bone and Mineral Society, Professor Rebecca Mason who says: ‘Over 40 per cent of females have low levels in summer-autumn and this figure rises to 58 per cent of females
not having enough vitamin D in winter-spring.’ Ask your doctor for a blood test to check your vitamin D levels.

The most natural way to boost vitamin D levels is exposure to sunlight – a fatty substance in the skin reacts with UV light triggering the production of vitamin D. Some experts recommend spending time outside without sunscreen – obviously, though, it’s essential to protect yourself against sunburn. Melatonin acts as a barrier to the skin so people with dark skin don’t produce vitamin D as effectively as people with less melatonin and your ability to produce vitamin D declines with age. This fat-soluble vitamin can be stored in the body. But, if you’re carrying too much body fat, vitamin D gets stuck in the fatty tissue and can’t get into the blood and be used where it’s needed.

Not getting enough vitamin D has been linked with a whole range of health problems including fatigue and joint pain. So, think about taking a daily supplement – Essentials™ and
HealthPak™ contain vitamin D as do the Active Calcium Plus™ and Calcium Chewable™. It’s best to take your USANA calcium supplement with meals – stomach acid helps to boost
absorption. If a blood test reveals your D levels could do with a boost, try USANA Vitamin D tablets – they contain vitamin D3, a form that’s similar to the kind your body makes naturally
and it’s the most easily absorbed form. While calcium and vitamin D slow down the rate of bone loss in adults, vitamin K seems to inhibit the maturation of osteoclasts (cells which break bone down), and at the same time, promote the production of osteoblasts (bonebuilding cells). Find vitamin K in leafy, green vegetables (kale, Swiss chard, watercress) and in Active Calcium Plus.

Studies show that exercise is beneficial to health in so many ways – including your bone health. Weightbearing physical activities (walking, running and weight lifting) cause muscles and bones to work against gravity stimulating the production of bone. And, because
exercise increases muscle mass, strength, and balance, it reduces the risk of falling, too. Exercise is also a great stress buster – mix it up with aerobic exercise and weight training to help you look good and feel great!

Not getting enough vitamin D has been linked with a whole range of health problems including fatigue and joint pain. So, think about taking a daily supplement – USANA Essentials™ and HealthPak™ contain vitamin D as do the USANA Active Calcium Plus™ and Active Calcium™ Chewable.

Great skin basics

A balanced diet full of whole foods and high in fibre, fruits, vegetables and protein sources is best. Also make sure you get regular exercise – stretch or take a walk every day. Get
fresh air, sleep with your window open and breathe deep long breaths. Lots of nutrients interact with one another to boost the look and textures of your body’s largest organ, your skin. Here are just some of them:

usana products

1. Essential fatty acids are a great for skin health. Omega-3s like the kinds that you’ll find in fish oil and flax seeds hydrate skin. Sprinkle some freshly ground flaxseeds or
some walnuts to a bowl of breakfast cereal with berries for a great start to your day. USANA BiOmega™ is a pure and ethically sourced omega-3 supplement. Plus, the flaxseeds and
walnuts in the tasty new Go Nuts ’n’ Berries™ bar provide a hefty 500mg of vegetarian omega-3s from walnuts, flax seeds and chia seeds.

2. Vitamin C promotes collagen-production and improves skin tone helping skin to stay smooth. Vitamin C is very prone to
oxidation and many C containing cosmetic products lose their potency fast. Find long-lasting skin-soothing nutrients in the USANA Sensé range of skincare products produced without
harsh chemical preservatives including parabens.

3. Beta carotene (which is converted into vitamin A in the body as the body needs it) aids healing and the creation of new skin tissue. Vitamin E is a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant which protect against free radical damage
inside the skin whilst zinc repairs and strengthens tissue (find them in USANA Essentials™ and USANA HealthPak™).

4. Grape seed extract is a high-potency antioxidant which protects the skin from free radical (find it in USANA Proflavanol® C100. Alcohol and caffeine can draw moisture from the skin and cause dehydration and the noxious chemicals in cigarette smoke deplete vitamin C and cause damage.

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