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USANA Corporate Tour in August, 2014

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USANA BuildingUSANA corporate will open for public in August for 3 days. In this tour, you will have the chance to visit the world class vitamins factory which produces top-rated supplements, in pharmaceutical grade with potency guaranteed promises. Friendly USANA staff from the US head office will show you around the USANA office as well as the production and manufacture lines.


As far as we know, the vitamins factory is super clean, with the air quality similar to the operating room. That’s one of the reason USANA Products are welcomed by many elite athletes in the world, and the only official vitamins supplier and one of the sponsor for Women’s Tennis Association.



Also, USANA’s head office is located in Salt Lake City, which is fast becoming one of US’s popular destinations – and for good reason. A beautiful, safe, and vibrant city, Salt Lake City combines the unparalleled natural beauty of the Wasatch Mountains, with an exciting and lively city nightlife. Home to spectacular outdoor recreation opportunities and a world-class array of performing arts, Salt Lake City offers something for everyone.


  • Wednesday, August 14, 7:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
  • Friday, August 16, 6:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 17, 6:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.

Call DSR/Field Representative with questions or to set up group tours (for groups of 75 or more).

Information about Corporate Tours

1,000 Members take the tour each year
Seven languages available
Eat at the Lean Café
Buses leave from the Salt Palace every 15 minutes

Please contact us if you would like to combine this USANA office tour as well as the sight seeing in the west coast.

NutritionX Health Network

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In USANA Career, we learned how to change the lives of many

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In USANA Career, we learned how to help people and change the life of many. We are always very happy to receive thank you from the kids and organizations we support through the income from our USANA Business. Here is a letter from UNICEF:

usana family

Dear Yuming, 

In whichever language you might say it – thank you. As a UNICEF supporter you have helped change the lives of children all around the world. More children are surviving today than ever before because of all the work that you make possible. 

If we have your correct mailing details you will shortly receive your 2013/2014 gift receipt in the mail, but I wanted to share it with you as early as possible in case you needed it. 

While there is still so much work to be done to reach every child with the care and support they need, your commitment and support has helped make progress for all children and will continue to do so in the future.

Thank you for your kind, generous and ongoing support of children, everywhere.

Yours sincerely,



Norman Gillespie
Chief Executive, UNICEF Australia

NutritionX Health Network

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USANA Essentials – synergy, the whole is greater

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Many years ago, scientists predicted a future when human can live on powder and drinks containing finite number of nutrients, just enough for human body to operate as a machine. As years passes, we realized that our human body, is much more complex than we think. The body needs around 55 different types of nutrients (USANA Essentials has 45 different types of essential nutrients) , of which are micro nutrients and macro nutrients. Micro nutrients contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants while macro nutrients contains water, protein, carbohydrate, essential fat and fiber. These nutrients all work with each other to maintain, protect and repair our body. This is called “Synergy”.

usana essentials

By knowing the synergy work inside all nutrients, we could say that, there is no way to prevent or treat any diseases for the human body with only one type of nutrient. For example. Anemia is related to the deficiency of zinc,  magnesium, vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid. (Which can all be found in USANA Essentials or HealthPak)

In some situations, introducing a nutrient for our body can increase the deficiency of another nutrient. For example, over dosage of iron can suppress the absorption of zinc. Since Iron is an antagonist for zinc.

Known by many dietitians, zinc is an important element for fetal development, over dosage of iron will have negative impact for pregnant woman.

Working together is better than working separately 

Many nutrients, in fact, does not work without their synergistic friend. Vitamin B6 will not be used by our body until it is reformed as pyridoxal-5-phosphate. This task is achieved by a special enzyme, which depends on the existence of magnesium and zinc. (Two key minerals in USANA Essentials or HealthPak) When our body lack of the two above mentioned minerals, supplying it with vitamin B6 is NOT going to help.

Nutritional therapy is all about synergy, unlike many western medicines which only provides only one type of chemicals.

Antioxidants work the same way inside our body. Vitamin C, vitamin E, Beta-carotene, glutathione, Coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid, and anthocyanidins (antioxidants in USANA Essentials or HealthPak) can all protect us from free radical attack. Surprisingly, when they work with each other as a team, the battling power increases 10 folds or more.

For example, a free radical from fast food, is eliminated by vitamin E, which will be recovered by vitamin C. Vitamin C then will be recycled by glutathione, which will be restored by anthocyanidins. Coenzyme Q10, beta-carotene, and lipoic acid also helping each other. This is the true power of synergy – The ultimate team work.


Free radicals, are the bad bugs inside our body. They are produced by rubbish food, stress, pollution from the air and the contaminated water we drink. It is the sparks for our body, (The body is like a mattress.) Antioxidant network is the fences, protecting our body free from the sparks so the mattress will not be burned with little holes everywhere. The better the synergy, the stronger the fences. That’s why we often recommend people not to take one of few types of nutrients, but focus on the completeness of vital nutrients supplementation.

The idea of synergy is a cornerstone of the optimum nutrition approach. You may achieve better results by eating the right foods and taking the right combination of nutrients like the USANA Essentials or HealthPak, which is the best multivitamins with complete essential nutrients.

*Products sold on our website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


1. <<The New Optimum Nutrition Bible>> – By Patrick Holford

2. <<The hidden miracle>> by Dr Myron Wentz

NutritionX Health Network


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10 Ways to get your kids on a lifetime of healthy eating

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Article extracted from USANA Australia Magazine 2014

Ready to help your kids develop a taste for good health with great habit, food and USANA Products? Here’s how!

healthy food for kids

1. Go for a rainbow

Encourage your kids to tuck into a wide variety of different coloured fruit and veggies. Generally speaking, produce the same colour provides similar nutrition. So, if your kids don’t like pumpkin, try sweet young carrots or paw paw to provide healthful beta carotene. Try to encourage two child-sized servings of fruit and five veggies daily. Combining the rainbow diet with the award winning USANA Usanimals provides full spectrum of vitamins and minerals essential to their growth.

1. Set a good example

You can’t expect them to eat their greens if you’re likely to encourage better social skills and studies suggest that children are more mindful of their foods and less likely to have weight problems later on, too.

3. Don’t get portion distortion

As portion sizes in takeaway foods have grown steadily, so have our waistlines. And what seems like a normal portion could seem like a mountain to your kids. So over half an adult portion or so at first (depending on age) and they can always have seconds. Studies have shown that people tend to eat everything that’s served to them and this can override your child’s natural ability to regulate appetites. In time, this can lead to problems such as overweight and obesity. One in four of our kids is now considered overweight which brings serious potential problems for children’s future health.

4. Eat regularly

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are essentials. Punctuate main meals with healthy snacks and you’re likely to help keep your child’s energy levels and ability to focus high. Skipping meals is linked with unhealthy snacking, weight problems and problems with energy and learning

5. Don’t ban the junk

What child don’t get may be what they crave. Allow some treats but make them treats and not part of the daily diet.

6. Watch the drinks

Sugar causes tooth decay while acids erode the enamel. So stick with just one unsweetened juice and only with a meal to protect teeth and health the body absorb more iron. Offer water to quench thirst.

7. Encourage fish twice a week

Studies suggest that a massive nine out of ten children in Australia and New Zealand are short on long chain fatty acids which are essential for health. Oily fish are rich in them. But if your kids don’t like the strong taste of fish like salmon or sardines, opt for white fish like snapper or seafood like squid or prawns. Add fish to stir-fry’s and salads or mix with mashed potato and fresh herbs then lightly brush with oil and roast for tasty fish cakes. If taking fish regularly is a problem, USANA Biomega fish oil offers great source of ultra pure fish oils without toxins and chemicals from the deep sea.

8. Don’t give up offering new tastes 

Kids are notoriously fussy. And if you try a food that’s rejected, try offering it again a few days or weeks later. Or offer it as part of a meal such as broccoli in an omelette or stir-fry or barbecued with herbs.

9. Get the involved

Kids are more likely to try foods if they have taken part in preparing or cooking. Its also a great way to teach valuable life skills right from the start and a love of fresh, healthy, delicious foods. Start a herb garden or grow tomatoes in a sunny spot – you don’t even need a garden!

10. Go for gentle encouragement

Trying to use force, rewards or punishments in a bid to encourage your children to eat vegetables of any other food won’t help. Instead, for gentle persuasion and active encouragement!

NutritionX Health Network


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As USANA associates , we donate profit to UNICEF regularly

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As USANA associates, NutritionX Health Network team regularly donates a small portion of our profit to UNICEF and USANA Foundation setup by USANA Health Sciences.

usana unicef

UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation working for children and child rights. They work in more than 190 countries with families, local communities, business partners and governments, to help every child reach their full potential.

We love kids. They are the future of the world. We believe that, by helping them achieve optimum health, happiness in life, we are making the world a better place to stay, a great place to cherish. By working with the USANA career, we learned how to love and care about others, and help others to become the person they want to be, and a person of value.

Family is the ultimate drive of many people’s daily life, and the source of happiness. We will keep up the great work and improve ourselves 1% a day, just like improving your own health by taking USANA Products daily.

Enjoy your fantastic life!

– NutritonX Health Network Team

NutritionX Health Network


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