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USANA Sensé – nutriton for your healthy skin

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usana sense

Article extracted from USANA Australia associate magazine 2014 .

Whatever your age, stage or sex, the seasons, stress and pollution can play havoc with your skin. 

USANA Sensé range is formulated to go a step further than regular skin care – it sits where skincare meets nutrition. Products focus on skin health at the cell level so the Sensé range uses patented, pioneering technologies and pure and gentle ingredients to deliver fresh and visible results.

The USANA Sensé skin care range centres on the belief that for skin to function and look at its best, products need to provide much more than just a surface solution. They need to nourish and protect – without unwanted additives.

Does your skin cream contain preservative and parabens?

Preservatives are used to help prevent microorganisms (e.g. bacteria and moulds) from multiplying and causing spoilage. And parabens are common group of chemical preservatives widely used in foods, cosmetics and skincare; they are relatively cheap to use. If you are prone to sensitivity or irritation from cosmetics and toiletries, you may be reacting to parabens in the product. So, it’s best to avoid potential irritants.

The USANA Sensé range is free from chemical preservatives because your body is already exposed to chemicals daily and we don’t yet know what the long-term cumulative effects on health. Instead, the range uses a patented Self-Preserving Technology – an original blend of botanicals, antioxidants and active ingredients to keep every USANA Sensé skin care product fresh so that harsh chemicals including parabens and formaldehyde-producing chemicals aren’t needed. The SPT is carried in liquid crystals to deliver purifying botanicals and antioxidants to nourish the skin.

Dermal Surface Renewal Technology Dermal Surface Renewal (DSR) is USANA’s exclusive anti-ageing complex. In two effective ways, DSR supports the reduction of the appearance of existing signs of ageing helping to prevent the appearance of new lines and wrinkles. DSR is a marine-source formulation that evens skin tone and re-textures, refines, brightens, and firms the skin’s surface.

Part of the skin ageing process occurs when natural enzymes break down the proteins that keep skin looking youthful. These enzymes become more active with age. DSR is a scientific breakthrough that helps to maintain a firm and elastic intercellular-matrix; you can see the results right away. Skin looks rejuvenated, firmer and more elastic. DSR is found in Perfecting Essence™, Night Renewal™, Serum Intensive™ and Eye Nourisher™.

usana sense smile


Regenisomes supply enzymes that assist cell renewal in sun damaged skin called photosomes. Find these fast-acting, light-activated enzymes in Daytime Protective Emulsion™. Ultrasomes work more slowly to protect the skin without light; find them in Night Renewal and Eye Nourisher. Proflavanol-T™ and Proteo-C™ Proflavanol-T and Proteo-C provide the powerful protection and renewal qualities you’ll find in every USANA Sensé product. These unique USANA formulations literally provide nutrition for skin.

Vitamin C is used in many products in the cosmetics industry, but it is very unstable. Most vitamin C compounds lose about 60 per cent of their potency in the first month after
manufacturing. Proteo-C is different. It delivers active vitamin C to the dermal layers of skin where it is most needed. Proteo-C vitamin C complex (exclusive to USANA Sensé), contains
two bio-available forms of vitamin C – water- and lipid-soluble, which combines with the amino acids proline and glycine for a revolutionary complex ensuring vitamin C is delivered to the dermal layers of the skin. With powerful skin-protecting and firming qualities, this complex helps to reduce the appearance of skin ageing, helps neutralise free radicals and improve skin radiance and texture.

usana blue berry

Proteo C – the benefits

• Firms, brightens and helps reduce uneven skin tones
• Improves skins radiance, clarity and texture
• Shields and protects skin from daily environmental

Shields and protects skin from daily environmental damage. Proflavanol-T a complex of whole grape extract, green tea extract, rice-derived gamma oryzanol and vitamin E. This flavonoid rich complex helps to shield and protect skin from effects of the environment whilst providing natural moisture. Research shows that grape seed extract contains unique potent antioxidants with many skin benefits. Plus, an active form of vitamin E which helps protect cell membranes. Rice-derived gamma oryzanol plus vitamin E make for a powerful antioxidant to soothe and moisturise. Proflavanol-T the benefits:

• Natural moisture protect complex rich in flavonoids as a first line of defence for healthy looking skin
• Helps shield and protect skin from daily effects of the environment
• Helps protect skin from free radical damage

Other beneficial ingredients

USANA Sensé also features soy protein which is rich in free radical fighting antioxidants which brighten the skin and have age-defying hydrating properties. Products also contain lipids, shea and mango butters plus nut oil to be rapidly absorbed, rejuvenate and soften. Botanicals and plant extracts include lotus, ginseng, calendula, saponaria, orange peel, lavender, liquorice, gingko biloba and rosemary for luxury and natural benefits.

Purchase USANA Sensé Skin Care range from USANA Australia Approved Website

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Beautiful Skin with Quality Nutrition and USANA Products

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usana skin care

Article from USANA Australia Product Focus Newsletter 2014.

There’s nothing new about the concept of eating for healthy, glowing skin. But more and more studies are revealing the exact mechanisms that foods, food components and nutrients interact to help to smooth and nourish skin for a glowing complexion. Apart from staying away from cigarettes and using sunscreen, your diet is a big influencer of your skin health. Want to eat yourself beautiful? Let’s start with the basics…

A healthy diet

It’s the cornerstone to good health and vital for the effective working of every cell in your body – including the function and feel of your skin. A healthy diet includes lots of antioxidant-rich veggies and fruits, fewer processed foods and drinks and alcohol, plenty of water, regular
exercise and rest. Plus, here are specific food components that contribute to glowing skin…


Omega-3s are a group of unsaturated oils needed for hundreds of body functions and the vast majority of us don’t get enough via diet alone. Unsaturated oils are better for your general health than saturated kinds (which tend to come from animal products and have been linked with heart-health problems). And, as far as your skin is concerned, omega-3s provide the plump – they help your skin look and feel hydrated by helping to reduce water loss thus fighting dryness. Omega-3s also boast a powerful anti-inflammatory action – which may be especially helpful if your skin is prone to acne-flares (one symptom of omega-3 fatty acid shortage); other symptoms include eczema, dandruff, dry and flaky skin and poor wound healing. Omega-3s also work as gatekeepers in cell membranes – allowing water and nutrients in but helping to keep toxins out. Your body uses and loses omega-3s daily so it’s important to consume
optimum quantities.

Find omega-3s in…Oily fish (smaller quantities in white fish, algae, walnuts, chia and flax seeds, soy beans and other legumes.

usana biomegaTry the potent and therapeutic strength USANA BiOmega – it contains fish oil from ethical sources and a whopping 550mg of marine sourced omega-3 EPA and DHA in every capsule.




Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin – your body can’t store large quantities of it so you need to consume vitamin C containing foods regularly. When your skin has been damaged, its ability to heal itself partly depends on the nutrients your body can supply to aid the healing process. Vitamin C is an important wound healing nutrient which plays a key role in skin repair and health. This powerful yet delicate antioxidant nutrient helps to strengthen and produce collagen fibres, the matrix structure that holds your skin together and helps it stay firm. Vitamin C soaks up damaging free radicals thus helping to slow the visible signs of ageing – lines and wrinkles etc. In fact, one study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that women who had a diet high in vitamin C foods had noticeably less dryness and fewer lines. As well as containing vitamin C, vegetables and fruits contain plant antioxidants that also help to mop up free radicals which can damage body cells including skin cells.

Fresh fruits and veggies (and lightly cooked frozen produce) especially citrus and berries are rich in vitamin C. Find it in USANA Essentials™, USANA HealthPak™, and USANA Proflavanol® C100 (which comes with the added skin health benefits of grape seed extract) and USANA Poly C™.

usana essentials healthpak

Vitamin E

Your skin is constantly exposed to damaging free radicals, which cause skin to look older and weathered. Getting enough vitamin E and other antioxidants can slow down the look of skin ageing. Vitamin E behaves a bit like a preservative helping the skin retain moisture. Working
alongside vitamin C, the duo guards against free radical attack via a potent boost of anti-ageing skin protection.


These protective plant compounds work to defend your body’s cells – including skin cells – against the damage of oxidative stress. These are packed into fruits and vegetables and, generally speaking, different coloured produce provides a different range of defending flavonoids (which is why eating a rainbow is a great way to get the widest possible nutritional benefit from your edibles!). Beta-carotene (the orange pigment in carrots, sweet potato
and mango etc.) is converted into vitamin A by your body and is a prime factor in keeping your skin soft. Components such as astaxanthin, lycopene and resveratrol fight free radial damage in the body – including the skin, too. Plus, antioxidants from grape seed extract have also been
used in a number of skin supplements. Plus, chocolate lovers rejoice – the flavenols in good quality chocolate may help boost skin hydration. But you only need a small piece…

Find flavonoids in…
Tomatoes and grapes, tea, good quality chocolate.


usana selenium

This mineral works alongside vitamin E to support the immune system and help fight infection which can affect the way you feel – and the way you look. Selenium is an antioxidant mineral that helps protect the skin from sun damage; it also helps the skin maintain firmness and elasticity.


usana zinc

Needed to make collagen, the foundation to your skin, zinc is also vital for skin healing and growth (it works in combination with vitamin C and is often taken together). Flaky skin
(including your scalp) could signal low levels of zinc. This mineral is also a component of the enzyme functions that the body needs to repair itself when skin is damaged. The zinc in USANA HealthPak™ and USANA Essentials™ is zinc ascorbate i.e. bound with vitamin C as the two work hand in hand.

You can shop the above mentioned quality nutritional products from our USANA Australia online shop.

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USANA Reset Our Weight Loss Winners

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usana reset

Article published in USANA Australia Magazine 2014 – RESET Challenge

Pasindu from onlooker to champion!

Cricket is Pasindu Sunilchandra’s passion but his ballooning weight was hindering his dream of playing top class cricket. ‘I couldn’t play premier cricket 0 I was sluggish, lacked confidence and was happy’.

Then, an injury stopped Pasindu’s cricketing altogether and, being unable to drive whilst injured, he couldn’t work either. Stuck at home, Pasindu snacked continuously.

‘Then, my friend Adrian Anthony Ferdinand encouraged me to start the USANA RESET Program; I began researching USANA and the challenge itself.’

Ticking health time-bomb

‘I learnt from the True Health Assessment that I had a 70 percent chance of developing type 2 diabetes, a condition that I am familiar with since more than 60 percent of my family have been diagnosed with it. By that time, I had had enough of the constant backaches and knee problems, I felt during daily activities.’

Standing at 182 cm tall and tipping the scales at 107 kg convinced him that joining the worldwide challenge could help. And so, he committed himself 100 percent.

Jump-starting health

While the 5-Day Jumpstart was a challenge for Pasindu, he soon got into the program and the rapid weight-loss was motivating.

Continuing his personal challenge with a single-minded strength that he- and others around him- never knew he had, Pasindu dropped an incredible 30 kg over the total weight-loss challenge. And, he had transformed from a gym-avoider to gym-regular and from wearing XXL shirts to L in three months.

Now, Pasindu is enjoying eating healthier foods and has found a passion in encouraging others to follow in his get-healthy footsteps.

‘But the best part is how much better I feel,’ says Pasindu. ‘I now have more energy and my sleeping patterns have improved. My mind is much clearer and I can concentrate sharply on my tasks – something that never happened when I was eating junk foods. I have an overall sense of wellbeing that I never experienced when I was heavier. My knee problem has disappeared and I feel so much more athletic.’

Great job Pasindu!

Maria: No more drab only time for fab!

Motivation is the driver behind every lifestyle change. And for Maria, the biggest motivator was the desire to fit into her pretty dresses again.

‘I really wanted to wear the pretty dresses I used to wear 15 years ago. And so, I placed pretty clothes opposite my bed. I could see them every day and told myself that I was going to be able to fit in them soon!’

Congratulations to all of our wonderful RESET Challenge weight-loss winners in Australia and New Zealand And if you haven’t met them already, get to know our three top winners from our region!

Another incentive for Maria was the incredible trip to Sanoviv plus, she wanted to realize her lifelong goal – to try kite surfing: ‘I needed strength and fitness to do this, so I set my goal. And my goal was to do it this year!’

Weight-loss made easy

And so Maria began her incredible transformation. ‘I chose the USANA RESET Program because it was so easy to follow. I love the Nutrimeal shakes, they are delicious. USANA Foods and shakes are scientifically balanced in carbohydrates, proteins and good fats that the body needs plus essentials micronutrients. They are also low glycemic index; I trust USANA products.’

On the journey

For Maria, it was great to know that people around the world were setting themselves similar goals. ‘It was nice to see that thousands of people around the world were working out and overcoming the same obstacles as me. I felt like I was not on my own and that I was part of a community. Entering my weekly weight on the RESET Challenge website and seeing my statistics changing was also great because I could see my improvement over a period of weeks,’ says Maria.

Hurdles along the way

Although the RESET Program takes care of your calorie intake and encourages a balanced diet, exercise is a significant contributor to any weight-loss journey. For Maria, being active was her biggest challenge. And, she admits that there were some days that she couldn’t fit exercise into her already-busy schedule. She believes that if she had been able to exercise daily, her goal weight could have been reached even faster.

Sanoviv – the dream!

So it was with a great deal of delight that Maria realized that she had won the USANA RESET Challenge for New Zealand. And, the incredible trip to Sanoviv in Mexico.

‘It was an incredible experience,’ says Maria. ‘I was detoxing, wearing organic cotton clothes and eating delicious organic meals. I recommend it to anyone who wants to treat an illness with an integrated and holistic approach and also to people who want to get healthier.’

So what about the future?

Maria is delighted to report that she is the product of the product that is the RESET Program. ‘It really works and I want to share my story and inspire and help other people to lose weight, too. I have a fitness background, a Diploma in Fitness Training and a Bachelor in Sport and Recreation with a major in Exercise Science. Bur in the past, I had the knowledge but not the fitness, energy, stamina or the silhouette I have now. Today, I have my fitness career back thanks to the RESET Challenge!’ And we know, Maria’s going to run with it!

Congratulations Maria!

From overweight to great mum and chef Ann’s RESET health revival!

In 2013, super busy chef, 35-year-old Ann Perera and her husband about to celebrate their ten year wedding anniversary and their two wonderful little girls; they decided to commemorate the decade with a commitment ring.

Ann says: ’I was pretty unhappy at being a size 14-16 dress size. But things were about to get worse! When we went along to take a look at the rings in a jeweller, I was amazed to find that there were no rings big enough to fit my finger! None! I think that was my lowest time.’

Ann weighed 89.9 kg and was constantly tired. Her knees ached at the end of every day and her doctor diagnosed early arthritis.

Health focus

‘Then one of my friends introduced USANA supplements to me. I started thinking about health much more and joined USANA as an Associate. I met Jerome Amarasinghe the winner of USANA RESET Challenge 2013 and was amazed!’

With better health was her main motivation, she determinedly gave the 2014 USANA RESET Challenge a go. She lost 1.75 kg during the USANA 5-Day Jumpstart and was encouraged to continue. Ann began to train with a personal trainer – Carolyn from Snap Fitness – twice a week.

Carolyn and commitment 

‘I noticed one day that I was sixth in the leader board and excitedly told my friends. Later I told Carolyn and she said that I could be number one if I wanted to. But, I needed to be mentally and physically up for it. So I stepped up my game – and my exercise intensity. I hope you understand me when I say that every time I left that gym, there was a new part of me that was aching…’

With the family enjoying the healthier meals Ann was cooking, the whole of the Perera clan’s health began to improve.

Ann says: ‘As a result of losing weight through the USANA RESET™ Program, getting physically fit, eating healthily and taking USANA supplements i.e., USANA HealthPak™, Procosamine™, Active Calcium Plus™ and HepaPlus™, I felt great. I love the taste of all Nutrimeal shakes and snacks – they helped to keep me healthy and strong and I didn’t feel tired. In fact, I had more energy than before, especially during busy days in the restaurant.

Now, Ann maintains her healthy weight by going to the gym every day. And she wonders how she could have carried that weight with her for such a long time.

A shiny new career

Ann lost 28 kg and is now a size 6-8 with a body fat of just 17.6 percent – she feels so proud. ‘Having seen the changes in me, all my family and friends want to make better-health changes themselves. I am very keen on completing a personal training and nutrition course and combine all that I have learnt together with my chef skills to help the community. I now know how to lose weight and be healthier and I know I can make a meaningful difference to people who want to do the same but don’t know where to start.’

‘Now, I am loving life. Big thanks to USANA for giving me the opportunity to participate in the USANA RESET Challenge!’

Ann finishes by saying: ‘Now, I am loving life. Big thanks to USANA for giving me the opportunity to participate in the USANA RESET Challenge. Thank you also to Rita and Vajira Amarasinghe. This whole experience has helped me to change my outlook. I love the way I feel now and I aim to remain healthy – and to help others, too!’

Congrats Ann – you look wonderful!

Interest in managing your weight in healthy and effective way? Purchase RESET™ or other Health Products now from USANA Approved Supplements Online Store or contact us on this toll free number:  1800821914

usana reset

NutritionX Health Network

NutritionX Health Network 2014

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Boost your child’s rest and focus at school – with USANA Children’s vitamins

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usana kids healthArticle published in USANA Australia Magazine 2014.

What your child eats, the type of regular activity they build into their day and rest/sleep pattern all contribute to behavior and mood. So what can you do to ensure your child gets enough rest – and is raring to go in the classroom?

Diet and sleeping patterns play a major role in school success. So, as a parent, making healthy choices for your kids where it comes to their diet and bedtime routine can make a big difference to concentration levels during the school day and at homework time.

Healthy foods and drinks (the best choices is water) and regular exercise help to nourish both body and mid. And, good quality and consistent sleep helps to recharge your children’s’ batteries and is needed for health growth (hormones that help children grow are released during sleep). Plus, lack of good quality sleep is likely to impact mood, concentration and even academic performance.

Here are 5 ways to help boost your child’s rest – and focus at school!

  1. Enough consistent sleep

Kids aged between six and 12 need around nine hours sleep nightly as do adolescents aged between 13 and 18. But typically, they average little more than seven hours per night. So, encourage a regular bedtime – on weekdays and at the weekend if possible. A consistent sleep routine helps to train your child’s brain about sleep and wake times and ‘programs’ the internal body clock to get used to this routine.

Letting kids sleep in on weekends may seem like a well-deserved treat for everyone, but may have knock-on effect, interfering with the regular routine and making weekday mornings a challenge and your kids struggle to get back into a good sleep routine.

  1. Cut down on screen time

Take time to unwind in a regular routine. Perhaps a bath, book and then bed. Try to avoid too much screen time too close to bedtime as the light interferes with the sleep-wake cycle.

  1. Always eat breakfast

A healthy breakfast is the best start to the day that you can give your children. In studies, children achieved a higher math test score after eating breakfast. Plus, children who consistently eat breakfast are also more alert at school.

  1. Cut out caffeine-containers

Avoid giving kids drinks and foods that contain caffeine such as cola and too much chocolate. Caffeine is a stimulant so instead, opt for more fresh fruit and veggies rich in nutrients.

  1. Avoid sugary food and drinks

These can raise blood glucose which correspondingly falls when insulin takes over, leaving your child hungry and making it difficult to relax. Instead, opt for foods that contain protein with carbohydrates such a slice of bread with peanut butter and a banana or a small sandwich with tuna or a milky drink with some almonds (not suitable if your child is younger as nuts can be a choking hazard). There help the body release the neurotransmitter serotonin which helps your child feel calmer and more able to let go at the end of the day. Plus, food like pumpkin seeds contains magnesium which helps with relaxation especially when paired with a glass of milk.

The following USANA Children’s vitamins can also boost your child’s sleeping quality:

USANA Usanimals™ for children two to 12 years to help provide a nutritional ‘insurance policy’ which helps your child to supplements their diet with vital nutrients needed for a healthy life.usana usanimalsusana biomega Jr

USANA Biomega Jr. provides vital mega-3 fats – essentials nutrients for normal healthy brain function. Studies show that most Australia children are not consuming enough long chain omega-3 fats – the kind that you’ll find in USANA BiOmega™ Jr.

Order USANA Usanimals™ and Biomega Jr™ from USANA Australia Authorized Online Store:

NutritionX Health Network

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USANA snacks and eight ways to snack smarter

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usana snacks healthyArticle published in USANA Australia magazine 2014.

Snacks can be saintly – buy they can also be pretty wicked. Here are eight ways to select the best snacks to keep your body and mid fueled and focused.

  1. Go for two. Most nutritionists agree that three meals per day and two healthy snacks are about right to help keep mind and body focused. But it’s important to choose smarter to help prevent you from reaching for unhealthy eats. So while they need to be satisfying. It’s important not to overdo the calories. Snacks need to be calorie-controlled because it’s easy to overdo the calories without even knowing it.
  2. Don’t be an under-estimator. Most of us underestimate the calories we consume and overestimate the calories burned. Even exports are guilty of it – one US based study found that dietitians underestimated calories consumed by between 10 to 40 per cent. And, since just 100 extra calories can add up to over 4 kg of weight gain in one year, portion sizing is essential if you don’t want to super-size your body. Try to stick to around 200 calories per snack.
  3. Opt for low GI. Better for body, better for mind. Low GI is best because it takes your body time to digest the carbohydrates so that there is a steady supply of energy. This helps provide the energy you need to keep your mind focused whilst keeping hunger pangs at bay so you’re less likely to succumb to fast food options.
  4. Train your body with snacks. Regular snacking can help you to eat moderately when mealtime comes around. So, since you know that you’ll be eating soon, you may find it’s easier to train your mind to be satisfied because you know that a meal is on its way.
  5. Enjoy variety. For example, consuming all of your recommended two servings of fruit and five veggie portions in just three meals can be tricky. But healthy snacks can help you eat a wider variety of food throughout the day. Try snacking with fruit or veggies for one or more of your daily snacks make it easier to centre on variety.
  6. Pick some protein. This is a chemical appetite suppressant and can help to keep you satisfied for longer. Add fiber to the mix and your body will feel more physically full.
  7. It’s better with planning. Planning snacks throughout the day is ideal. But it’s not always possible. Carrying healthy, portable snacks is a great way to get nourishment on the go. This is especially so if you’re going gluten free and/or you want to ensure your snacks are vegetarian.
  8. Choose wisely. USANA Protein Snacks makes great post-workout snacks. Because they are rich in protein – each flavor provides over 10 grams of protein – they’re a great post-workout way to pack in the protein. Plus, the low GO formulation helps to replenish carbohydrate stores in a slow and steady way that your body can process without becoming stressed.USANA Snacks

Purchase USANA snacks from USANA Australia approved online store:

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10 Ways to Winter Wellness and USANA Products

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usana winter wellnessfrom USANA Australia Magazine 2014.

While Winter doesn’t bring the sub zero temperatures and icy winds of some seasons world-while, it does increase your chances of ill health. According to the UK’s NHS, you’re 80% more likely to get a cold in winters. So, what can you do to ensure your immune system is fighting fit this snuffle season?

OK, you probably already know that eating well, enjoying plenty of seasonal veggies and fruits, staying hydrate and going low GI is the way to go – whether its winter or not! But do you know about the kind of supplements that can enhance your health when it’s colder?

The right supplements can complement your best health intentions. Here we outline some key products – and the nutrients they contain – and why they may help protect your health this winter.

1. Vitamin A

Orangey and red-coloured produce contains vitamin A in the form of beta carotene which the body converts into vitamin A. This immunity-boosting antioxidants is vital for a healthy immune system, healthy skin and vision. And, although you’re not likely to be deficient in this fat-soluble vitamin, sub-clinical deficiency can leave your immune system challenged. Find it in red and yellow fruits and veggies and in fish and lean meat plus USANA Essentials or HealthPak which contains a range of potent bioavailable antioxidants.

2. Vitamin D

Vital for the absorption of calcium and phosphorous for healthy bones and teeth, the major sources of this fat-soluble vitamin is actually the action of sunlight on the skin. Find it in: margarine, egg yolks and oily fish plus in USANA Essentials™ or HealthPak™ and USANA Vitamin D™.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C

The classic immune system booster, studies show that taking vitamin C can reduce the duration and severity of colds. Vitamin C AKA asscorbic acid is needed for healthy collagen, teeth, gums and blood vessels. Cutting up and cooking veggies and fruits destroy this delicate antioxidant vitamin and it is lost from the body rapidly, too. So enjoy seasonal veggie and fruits daily  to keep your levels topped up. Symptoms of low levels of vitamin C include poor resistance to infection.

Find it in fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies. USANA Essentials™ contains vitamin C complex as do USANA Poly-C™, or Proflavanol C100 which ensures raised blood levels of vitamin C for longer-term protection.

 4. Iron

This mineral is a part of the pigment hemoglobin in red blood cells that transports oxygen to body cells. One of the symptoms of anemia (low blood iron concentration) is reduced resistance to infection. And, taking vitamin C with a meal helps your body to absorb more iron – from all foods that contain iron.

Find it in: lean meat, sardines, fortified breakfast cereals and green, leafy vegetables. The vitamin C in USANA Essentials™, HealthPak™, Poly C™ and Proflavanol C100™.

5. zinc

As well as being vital for healthy growth, development, night vision and the ability to taste and smell, you need a steady supply of zinc to keep your immune system strong (poor wound healing is one of the first signs of deficiency). Zinc is often taken with vitamin C to boost immune function.

Find it in: lean meat, oysters, eggs, seafood, tofu, black-eyed peas, peanuts and whole-grains plus in USANA Essentials™ or HealthPak™.

 6. Co-enzyme Q10

Called CoQ10 for short is a substance that’s found in almost every cell in your body. It’s located inside tiny organelles called mitochondria (these are a bit like your body’s batteries and they use oxygen to create energy in order to fuel vital processes). In other words, CoQ10 provides energy at the cell level. So, if you lack energy in the colder months, CoQ10 may help. USANA CoQuinone™ 30 or CoQuinone™ 100 contains alpha lipoic acid (alpha lipoic acid is also involved in mitochondrial energy metabolism and it recycles oxidized CoQ10). So, it helps to recharges your batteries and recycle other antioxidants, including vitamins E and C and glutathione) literally! Try CoQuinone 30 or CoQuinone 100.

 7. Milk Thistles

This member of the artichoke family contains silymarin, a powerful antioxidant mix. Like other members of the artichoke family, silymarin stimulates bile production reducing indigestion, nausea and bloating. Artichokes also contain inulin, a prebiotic which nourish protective bacteria in the large intestine helping the bacteria in the large intestine helping the bacteria to do their job – part of which is to boost the immune system.

Find it in artichokes, turmeric (which also contain silymarin), berries and dark grapes.

USANA HepaPlus™ contains mile thistle as well as a patented form of the potent anti-inflammatory, turmeric which has been used in Ayurveic medicine for thousands of years.

8. Ginkgo biloba

Do you have poor circulation in winter? The leaf of this ancient tree – is most often used to boost circulation. It contains powerful antioxidants to help boost blood flow. Try USANA Ginkgo-Ps™.

9. Skin Boosters

Skin may feel drier and need a little extra moisturizing and protection both from indoor heating and outdoor cold and wind.

Eat plenty of essential fatty acids (EFAs), particularly omega-3 (found in avocado and oily fish) and omega-6 (found in nuts, wholegrains and flaxseed oil) may help to keep skin hydrated and clarified. A deficiency in both of these may result in dry, inflamed skin, whiteheads and blackheads. Plus the anti-inflammatory action of omega-3s helps to clam irritated skin. It’s also important to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated – water and tea (especially green tea) are good choices.

10. Probiotics

Think they’re just for digestive health? Well more and more research is showing that probiotics have a positive effect on so many aspects of good health – and that includes immunity.

For example, probiotics, such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria species can improve the body’s resistance to bacterial and viral infections.


Find probiotics in: fermented products like sauerkraut, yogurt and also in USANA Probiotic™.

You can purchase our recommended USANA Products from our USANA approved online store.

usana products

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