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Seven steps to avoid holiday weight gain with USANA Nutrimeal

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usana 7 healthy summer habbits

Article from USANA Australia 2014 Q4 Magazine.

CHRISTMAS & HOLIDAYS seem to go hand in hand with weight gain, as most of us indulge in beach, booze and pressies. According to Nutrition Australia, the average person gains between 0.8-1.5kg over the Christmas period. Doesn’t sound like too much to worry about? The problem is that most of us don’t get rid of the added kilos throughout the year. Over time, this can leave you overweight and even cause obesity.



and two to three healthy snacks daily. Choose wholegrain and lean protein (fish, seafood and legumes are especially good choices), and fill up on plenty of fresh, seasonal salads – hold the mayo and cheesy dressings, and watch that your portion sizes don’t creep up! BALANCE THINGS OUT If you know you’re headed for a big night, cut down on the calories you consume before the big event and afterwards. Up your exercise too, and you’ll benefit from burning extra calories.


Burning calories is especially important, not just because it can help you stay focused and feel motivated. Staying active also helps you blast away small weight gains fast. Aim for
a minimum of 30 minutes or more of exercise daily. Take advantage of the warm weather and go for a fun swim, a run on the beach or bush walk or some mind-relaxing yoga or tai chi. Including three weight-training sessions per week is a great move – it helps to build muscle, a highly active tissue that gives you great shape and definition, and raises your metabolic rate – so you burn calories faster whether you’re exercising or resting.


A small salad, crudités with some low-fat hummus or tomato salsa, or even a glass of tomato juice with Worcestershire sauce can help to take the edge off your appetite and potentially avoid a splurge at the buffet, Christmas party or seasonal soirée. Remember, alcohol is calorie-rich and can come with calorific mixers. Too much alcohol also reduces your inhibitions and weakens your willpower. So stick to just one or two alcoholic drinks if you can, alternate each
with a non-alcoholic sugar-free drink, or make a pact to be the designated driver if you don’t want to be cajoled into drinking at all.


Be mindful about what you’re eating and drinking – slow things down to give your body a chance to acknowledge that you’re filling up. It takes around 20 minutes to register that you’re full, so going too fast can mean that you consume more than you intend to or even want.


You don’t have to deny yourself your favourite summertime indulgences. Just be mindful of savouring every bite and every sip. After all, it is holiday time!


usana nutrimeals
This low-GI, high-fibre, high-protein USANA meal replacement can help keep you full and avoid unhealthy snacking, or even get you back on track if you’ve had a shock on the scales.
At just 240 calories per serve, USANA Nutrimeal shakes makes a quick, tasty and satisfying breakfast or lunch, helping your weight stay on track over the silly season.

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Team USANA’s Shara Gillow and her beloved USANA Products

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usana shara gillow

Article from USANA Australia Magazine 2014.

Following her father’s sporting tracks, Shara Gillow began cycling professionally in 2009. And, 2013 was an especially rewarding year for Shara – her super-fast cycling speed saw her crowned three-time Australian Time Trial Champion. Plus, she has represented Australia in the 2013 London Olympic Games. We caught up with Shara to talk about her past, present and future hopes plus why she chose USANA Products.

Cycling can be a pushing sport – what keeps you motivated?

“You need a lot of persistence and you have to be really really dedicated to be a professional athlete – whatever you choose. But for me, I guess I always wanted to go to the Olympic Games. It was always a really big dream for me. And, to be able to have represented Australia at the Olympics now, I am able re-focus and set new goals.”

What’s the most memorable point of your career?

It has to be being at the London Olympic Games in 2012 – a pretty amazing experience! My parents were there and my dad is a former Olympic cyclist as well, so him being present was pretty special. I just remember standing in the crowd and saying “Hey dad, now there are two Olympians in the family!”

USANA Supplements are part of your daily regime – were you taking any nutritionals before?

“Yes I was taking other vitamins. But, when I started taking USANA, I noticed a difference straight away. I have always been really big on nutrition and vitamins before I started cycling, and I always try to put the right food into my body. USANA is just an amazing product!”

What sort of difference have you noticed?

“Mostly recovery and well-being. As an athlete, I train so hard, and after riding over 100km, there are so many nutrients that get depleted from my body.  Athletes are always susceptible to getting sick or run down, so I really need something to give me a boost. It’s important to take the best multivitamin in the market that is safe for your body. We get drug tested all the time, so it needs to not have any banned substances. USANA gives me peace of mind”

Would you recommend USANA Products to other athletes or your average Joe?

“I would definitely recommend the USANA Essentials – I love them!” It’s something that everyone can use, and it really boosts energy levels whilst helping me a lot with stamina. Even in everyday life,  even if you’re not doing hours and hours of training, it is something that will help you.”

What was the atmosphere like at the Olympics?

“The atmosphere was amazing. The crowds were just phenomenal. There were thousands of people. When I did the individual time trials, the crowds were just banked up on each side and I couldn’t even hear myself think. It was just shouting and noise and cheering. The closing ceremony was spectacular. And watching performers like the Spice Girls and One Direction was pretty cool, too!”

What you are currently training for?

“I am working towards the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. After the Commonwealth Games this year, it’s only a couple of years and the Olympic Games will be here again. I’d love to win Gold for Australia one day. Right now, it’s all about preparation – time goes so fast, and even though people think it’s a long way away, it really sneaks up on you! You need to be prepared.

Nutrition is a big part of your life but if you could choose a fun dinner with anyone, who would it be?

“Well I’ve already met Eddy Merckx (who is considered to be the greatest pro-cyclist ever!). So, it would have to be the actor, Will Farrell. I think I would laugh all night. It would be great to share a Thai green curry or some steak with him!”

Thanks Shara for squeezing in some time to talk with us! We’re watching your amazing progress and supporting you every step – or cycle – on the way!

USANA HealthPak, Biomega, SoyaMax and Nutrimeal are recommended to athletes.

To purchase the above products, visit our USANA shopping website.

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