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USANA Australia Annual Price change effective on 30th, Jan 2016

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Dear customer:

USANA notified us that annual price adjustments go into effect January 30. This is happening worldwide for most of the opened markets. We estimated an increase on some products due to the devaluation of the Australia dollar. (USANA Products are made in the US)

USANA Palmetto Plus Price Increase
Saw palmetto is the key ingredient in Palmetto Plus, and we use a highly concentrated extract. Weather-related issues negatively impacted the past several years of saw palmetto crop, substantially increasing costs worldwide and forcing us to make a larger-than-normal price adjustment to Palmetto Plus. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Even though some prices have been adjusted, you can still save by enrolling as a preferred customer to enjoy Preferred Pricing (9% retail price) and the Auto Order discount (19% off retail price) if you would like to purchase products on a regular bases. Take advantage and save big on our award-winning products.

Love life and live it, 

NutritionX Health Network

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