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USANA Celavive®- Skincare Featuring InCelligence®

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USANA Celavive

Article from USANA Australia website.

The Science Behind Beauty

Just like you, we’re not standing still. We are always working to advance the products you love. That’s why it is the perfect time to introduce you to the next evolution of InCelligence®: USANA Celavive®—a brand new skincare system.

Introducing USANA Celavive

Celavive is a new high-performance skincare system formulated with Science of InCelligence to specifically target your unique beauty needs.

Featuring an exclusive complex, Celavive helps unlock your body’s natural power to defy visible signs of aging. Celavive also features our Olivol® Botanical Blend, a unique combination of fruit extracts that have been clinically shown to provide 24 hours of rich hydration after just one application.

Speaking Your Body’s Language
By using targeted nutrient combinations, USANA Celavive supports natural renewing ability—going beyond traditional skincare regimens to activate youth-preserving beauty functions. This comprehensive approach means Celavive responds uniquely to each individual to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the look of tone and texture in your skin.

USANA Celavive will be launched at USANA Celebration 2018 (Please see the link below to purchase your ticket). Check out our Celavive landing page to find a complete list of products, a release schedule, and important training materials that will help you become a skincare pro.  And don’t forget to visit and connect with us on social media for up-to-date product information and availability.

Featuring Science of InCelligence®, USANA Celavive® awakens your skin’s natural ability to activate youth-preserving beauty functions within your own skin, going beyond traditional skincare regimens. With targeted nutrient combinations and powerful peptides, Celavive helps support the fight against visible signs of skin aging.

In addition to this exclusive complex, USANA Celavive also features our Olivol® Botanical Blend, comprised of fruit extracts that have been clinically shown to provide 24 hours of rich hydration after just one application.

USANA Celavive’s introductory product offering includes options for all skin types, ages, and skin concerns so you can build a truly personalised regimen.

By combining the best of nature with the very best of USANA science, the results are nothing short of breathtaking. Explore these pages to learn more about these amazing, high-performance products.

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When can I purchase USANA Celavive®?

Celavive will be available for purchase in most markets by early 2018. The tentative launch dates are listed here:

Australia—January 2018 @ USANA Celebration
Malaysia—January 2018
New Zealand—January 2018 @ USANA Celebration
Singapore—January 2018
Taiwan—January 2018
Canada—February 2018
Japan—February 2018
Korea—February 2018
Thailand—February 2018
United States—February 2018
Europe—March 2018
Indonesia—March 2018
Hong Kong—March 2018
Philippines—Q1 2018
Mexico—Q1 2018
Colombia—Q1 2018
China—May 2018

Is Sensé™ discontinued?

Yes, however, Sensé face-care products are still available for purchase through March 29, 2018 or while supplies last. Sensé Body Care products have not been discontinued and will still be available until further notice.

How does the Celavive Complex work?

The exclusive complex found in Celavive is made up of two bioactive peptides and two botanical extracts. When combined, these key ingredients hydrate your skin, which works to counteract visible signs of chronological and lifestyle stress aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, this exclusive blend of beautifying nutrients also helps support six major elements that can help maintain the look of a healthy skin matrix—including collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid—for younger-looking skin.

Can I use the products with other brands?

Celavive products were designed to be used together. For best results, we recommend you use the entire Celavive regimen designed for your skin type.

How do I know which products are right for me?

You can personalise your regimen by identifying your skin type and then choosing your products based on your unique concerns.

Dry/sensitive skin types have dry, almost tight skin that is more prone to sensitivity.

Combination/oily skin types have active oil production in their “t-zone” and sometimes even on their cheeks.

Can I use the products if I have sensitive skin?

Yes. We offer a variety of products designed specifically for dry/sensitive skin types. If you are prone to occasional skin irritation, we suggest testing the new products on a small patch of skin on the inside of your elbow or wrist prior to applying it to your face.

How soon will I start seeing results?

Results are different for each person, depending on your concerns. Most people will immediately see a difference in skin hydration and overall appearance. You’ll begin to notice more dramatic visual results in two to four weeks. With regular use, you’ll not only see the difference, but feel the benefits of these scientifically advanced formulas.

Are Celavive products organic?

No. Celavive products are made with powerful peptides and botanical extracts from natural sources.

Are Celavive product all-natural?

No. Celavive products contain both natural and scientifically advanced ingredients to deliver the most beautiful results.

Where is Celavive made?

Celavive is manufactured by USANA’s skincare partner in a state-of-the-art facility located in Japan. This facility specializes in skincare production and is well known for their extremely high manufacturing standards.

Why was Celavive developed in place of Sensé?

Celavive was formulated to support your skin’s innate beautifying processes. That means Celavive goes beyond traditional skincare regiments to deliver beautiful results that are perfectly unique to your concerns. Celavive formulas are advanced and highly competitive with what is available in the skincare industry today.

What made USANA decide to discontinue Sensé?

The skincare industry is very competitive and the science behind effective skincare is consistently evolving. We felt it was time to introduce a line that reflected the most current innovations. With the introduction of InCelligence® technology, we now have the ability to create cutting-edge skincare products that respond uniquely to you to create radiant, younger-looking skin.

What nutritionals support my beauty regimen?

With any nutritional regimen, it’s always best to start with the core foundation of USANA® CellSentials™. Then, add products like Biomega™, Proflavanol® C 100, Visionex™, and CoQuinone™—all products that contain valuable nutrients necessary for healthy-looking skin.

Where does the name “Celavive” come from?

We chose the name Celavive because it represents the idea that your skin is alive, working to create a beautiful complexion. Beauty is more than skin deep, which is why we believe the best way to achieve truly radiant skin is to support your skin’s natural renewing abilities.

Are Celavive products tested on animals?


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