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Seven USANA Star Supplements for men

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usana mens healthArticle extracted from USANA Australia Product focus 2014

Whether you want to build more lean muscle to supercharge your metabolism, or you just want to feel great and have as much energy as possible, what you eat counts. And, while there’s no doubt that every man is unique, men do share some particular health challenges. So, once the fundamentals are covered – healthy mixed diet, regular exercise, regular health checks, relaxation and sleep – think about your supplemental health.

Here are seven supplements – and their role in men’s health.

1. USANA Essentials

You definitely don’t need a multivitamin and or multi-mineral if you are eating a widely mixed diet that contains all the right proportions of nutrients. The trouble is, most of us don’t – at least
not all of the time, anyway. That’s where wide-ranging and potent products like Essentials (or HealthPak™ if you want the added benefits of an extra antioxidant boost plus calcium)
come in. Some of the nutrients they contain that relate to men’s health include:

B vitamins – which have a wide range of duties. As far as heart and blood vessel health is concerned, vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid help to process the amino acid, homocysteine. Low blood levels of homocysteine is believed to be beneficial to heart health.

Vitamin E – which is actually a group of protective nutrients, and each has a different role. All of them are needed for good health and studies suggest that vitamin E could have a protective
effect in cardiovascular health. Studies also suggest that vitamin E may protect muscles after exercise.

1. Go for natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) rather than synthetic (dlalpha tocopherol), which is harder for your body to use. Essentials, HealthPak and E-Prime™ all contain natural forms of vitamin E, not the synthetic form that you can find in some supplements.

Chromium – if you are overweight, it may be especially important to ensure that you’re getting enough of this mineral. Chromium helps to keep insulin levels in check by improving the body’s sensitivity to it. However, the most important way to improve insulin sensitivity is to get to –
and stay within – a healthy weight range.

Studies suggest that chromium picolinate is the most effective supplemental form as it’s easier to absorb than other kinds. Do not take while on warfarin therapy without medical advice.
This product contains selenium, which is toxic in high doses. A daily dose of 150μg for adults of selenium from dietary supplements should not be exceeded.

2. USANA BiOmega™

Many studies have shown the benefits of long chain omega-3 fats, the kind that you find in oily fish, for brain and heart health. Omega-3s have a natural anti-inflammatory action whilst helping to reduce the stickiness of blood so that it can flow more freely. If you are taking blood thinners like warfarin, be sure to speak with your doctor before taking any kind of supplement, though. So how much is enough? The Australian Heart Foundation suggests that for generally healthy men, around 1,000mg a day is about right. If you have heart problems, you may
need 2,000 to 4,000mg but check with your doctor first. Take USANA BiOmega with meals to boost absorption and avoid any fishy aftertaste. The long chain omega-3 fats in this ethically sourced supplement are in therapeutic concentrations – 550mg of omega-3 EPA/DHA combined per capsule.

3. USANA Vitamin D

More and more research is showing the many benefits and the many reasons why people can be low on this fat-soluble vitamin. A staggering number of men – even in Australia and
New Zealand – are short of it despite the fact that the major source of vitamin D isn’t diet at all – it occurs when UV light in sunshine reacts with a cholesterol-like substance in the skin.
Low levels have been linked with a number of health problems including low immunity and depression. Vitamin D3 supplements as cholecalciferol provide the same form of vitamin D as we make in the skin and supplements are a good way to improve vitamin D status if more sun exposure is not practical (if you do too much indoors, if you have dark skin and for people who don’t want to go out or can’t do so).

USANA Vitamin D contains vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 1000 IU/25 micrograms. Suggested dose: one tablet daily preferably with meals.

4.  USANA Probiotic

These are the bacteria that naturally live in your gut. Here, they process foods and play an important part in protecting your immune system. Try taking one stick pack of USANA Probiotic every other day to feed your internal bacteria and help your immune system. This has a preventative effect – the good bacteria can simply crowd out the bad ones and keep infection at bay. Probiotics also have a role in keeping you to stay regular helping you to feel good from the inside out!

According to scientists at London’s Royal Free hospital, a good probiotic needs to:

  • Reach the gut without being killed off by strong stomach acids along the way.
  • Be safe for human consumption.
  • Have clinically proven health benefits demonstrated by scientific trials.
  • Have their contents clearly defined Be clearly labelled.
  • Be shelf stable.

USANA Probiotic ticks all the boxes! USANA Probiotic uses patented strains Lactobacillus
rhamnosus LGG® and Bifidobacterium BB-12® in a unique 50/50 mixture. These two strains of probiotic bacteria have been clinically proven to promote a natural balance of beneficial micro flora in the gut.

 5. USANA Palmetto Plus™

This men’s health formula contains ingredients to protect men’s physiology. For example, it contains saw palmetto and two powerful antioxidants, lycopene and soy isoflavones.

Saw Palmetto – Native Americans traditionally used the berries of this palm tree both as food and as medicine and it was first listed in the United States Pharmacopeia as far back as 1906 for complaints associated with prostate health. According to one study published in the Journal of Urology, ‘Evidence suggests that saw palmetto may have a significant effect on urinary flow rates and symptom scores compared to placebo in men with lower urinary tract symptoms.’
Its effects are thought to be due to its reaction with testosterone; it appears to shrink the inner lining that puts pressure on the tubes that carry urine. Studies suggest that combining saw palmetto with isoflavones, antioxidants found in foods such as legumes and soy may help to improve its effectiveness. Plus, both of these plant pigments seem to help retain prostate health.

saw palmetto

Lycopene – the pigment that gives tomatoes their red colour is the most abundant carotenoid in the prostate. It helps to maintain the cell membrane and DNA from oxidation. Soy isoflavones – a group of phytochemicals found in soybeans; these have been shown to help maintain good health in a wide range of functions throughout the body.

6. USANA Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 – or CoQ10 for short – is made by body cells. It keeps the tiny engines that fire cell functions burning and in this way, providing the energy that cells need to keep working to their best. Less CoQ10 is produced with age so if you want to revive those energy levels, it may be a good option. Taking blood cholesterol lowering medicines like statins reduces CoQ10 levels because it interferes with the production of this potent antioxidant at the cell level5.

The optimal intake is around 100mg daily say scientists, and this isn’t possible from foods alone. USANA CoQuinone® 100 contains 100mg of CoQ10 plus alpha lipoic acid which recycles CoQ10 and other antioxidants to prolong the benefits. Do not take while on warfarin therapy without medical advice.

7. USANA Procosamine®

If you’re feeling the odd ache and pain in your joints, consider USANA Procosamine. Adequate levels of glucosamine may help to rebuild lost cartilage. But unlike regular glucosamine products, Procosamine contains Meriva® curcumin a potent anti-inflammatory which is nearly 29 times more bioavailable as regular turmeric to supercharge this Indian spice’s already
super effective action. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Use only as directed. Always read the label. If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner.

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Men give us five USANA products!

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Published in USANA Australia Magazine 2013 Summer edition

Men are notorious for avoiding check-ups and ducking the doctor. But health checks and living a healthy life – where healthy diet, regular exercise and stress relief are concerned – are all essentials for good health. Looking for a supplement support program for your man?

Here are five fab supplements to power up your man…

1. USANA Essentials/ HealthPak

Most people don’t consume the recommended two servings of fruit and five veggie servings. so, as you do your best to enjoy the best product around, a multivitamin/minerals may bridge the nutritional gap. These great all-rounders that contain a potent mix of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are easy for the body to absorb and therefore use. USANA HealthPak and contains the AO Booster with three potent antioxidants. One of these is resveratrol which is a powerful antioxidant. USANA HealthPak also provides bones strengthening calcium and minerals. Vitamin C to protect cells from free radicals including those produced as a by-product of extra exercise.

2. USANA Biomega

An excellent source of the long chain marine oils EPA and DHA. These fuel many essential functions and are a must for heart health as well as being potent anti-inflammatories. The body can’t make these particular oils so, unless you’re tucking into two to three servings of oily fish each week, take USANA Biomega regularly and long-term. Take with your USANA HealthPak or USANA Essentials to boost absorption.

3. USANA Fibergy Plus

The magic number is 30g fiber a day but most of us fall short by 10g or so. Just one tablespoon of Fibergy Plus provides 12g. Plus, getting enough fiber helps to cleanse the gut so that nasty waste products don’t linger and stay in contact with the gut.

4. USANA CoQuinone 100

The fires up your body’s tiny energy stations, mitochondria. It’s a great partner for exercisers – working out hard means that the body uses up naturally produced CoQ10 and so, a supplement may be needed. Plus, a poor diet and /or taking certain medications such as blood cholesterol-lowering medicines may mean a bigger need for CoQ10 – check with your doctor.

5. USANA Probiotic

A potent concentration of beneficial bacteria, these mini marvels help to protect the gut from invasion by harmful microbes. Probiotics also produce vitamins and help the body absorb minerals. Poor diet, antibiotics and stress can kill the beneficial bacteria leaving room for harmful bacteria, mini marauders which can them take over the intestine triggering symptoms like bloating, wind and inflammation. USANA Probiotic contains live bacteria to replace the good bacteria the body can lose and defend it against harmful microbes.

Remember, according to your age, stage, lifestyle and health, other supplements may suit you better. Check out the True Health Assessment for a really accurate picture of your nutritional needs.


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