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USANA Proglucamune – USANA’s new product introduction

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USANA ProglucamuneArticle extracted from USANA Australia Magazine 2015.

Our modern lives are more demanding than ever – most people can’t afford to have time out with sickness. People with a busy lifestyle want “insurance” against colds and flus and need a more effective way to stay fit and well, even when they are under stress. People are also looking for the extra edge to help them not only stay well but also to feel vigorous and focused every day.

Our immune system is a co-ordinated system of cells, proteins, and chemical signals that are designed to fend off bacteria, viruses, and parasites. It helps co-ordinate the wound healing process, cellular/tissue turnover, repair, and (re)building. For optimal immune function, it is important to support all aspects of our immunity, including- surface immunity, innate immunity and adaptive immunity.

Surface immunity is the first line of defence against pathogens. It is comprised of the barriers that actively keep pathogens out, such as our skin, respiratory tract and gastrointestinal system. But if a pathogen is able to cross a surface barrier, then the innate immune system defences
are stimulated.

Innate immunity includes a host of reactions, including the destruction of pathogens through a process called phagocytosis.

Adaptive immunity is called into action if the innate immune system is overwhelmed. Also known as acquired immunity, this response is highly specific to the pathogen that induces it.

That’s where USANA new Immune Optimizer Product – USANA ProglucamuneTM comes in to help immune cells to work faster and better. The unique formulation combines ancient wisdom with modern science for comprehensive support and overall effectiveness.

What’s the meaning of ProglucamuneTM? This is a blend of “Pro” being—promote, “gluca” being part of the key ingredient—beta glucan, and “mune” alluding the immune support provided by the product. Pro-Promote, Gluca-Beta Glucan, Mune-Immune support.

USANA Proglucamune

So what makes USANA ProglucamuneTM unique?

The unique formulation of USANA ProglucamuneTM combines ancient wisdom with modern science, containing four potent immune-boosting ingredients in one formulation, which help immune cells to work faster and better…even under stress. It’s a powerful immune supplement, specifically created for year-round comprehensive support, which strengthens the overall effectiveness of the immune system and helps to maintain and improve general well-being.

This product contains the following four main ingredients:

1. Shiitake mushroom

2. Reishi mushroom

3. Zinc

4. Baker’s yeast

This super team of four – can work together to super charge your immune system to fight against harmful bacteria, virus and cancer cells. It will be very useful this year, especially the MERS virus outbreak. USANA Proglucamune is the son of modern nutritional sciences and ancient natural herbs.

USANA ProglucamuneTM Benefits:

• Helps support a healthy immune system and improves general well-being
• May assist in the management of upper respiratory tract infections in physically active people and people susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections
• May assist in reducing the severity and duration of symptoms associated with colds and flu
• Reishi has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tonic to replenish Qi
• Vegetarian safe


1.      Who should take Proglucamune?

Anyone who wants to boost their immune system, especially those who are busy, aged 18 or older, people interested in daily wellness, or who lead an energetic and active lifestyle.

2.      I’m taking other USANA products to help my immune system, why do I need to take Proglucamune as well?

Our body has two interactive immune defence mechanisms, innate immunity and adaptive immunity. In order to fully support our immunity, USANA has created Proglucamune to work together with other products to provide comprehensive overall support, and to help your immune cells work faster and more efficiently.

3.      What’s the difference between USANA Proglucamune and other immune products in the market?

Proglucamune is a unique 4-in-1 immune enhancing formulation. Compared to other immune health products, USANA Proglucamune is the only product with four potent immune-boosting natural ingredients in one bottle which support and enhance immune function.

4.      Two of the key ingredients, Reishi and Shiitake Mushroom, are they organic?

Yes, all certified organic.

5.      Is this product Vegetarian Friendly and Gluten Free?


7.      What are the key benefits of Proglucamune?

It may assist in reducing the severity and duration of symptoms associated with colds and flu and management of upper respiratory tract infections, also helps support a healthy immune system and function.

8.   What are the active ingredients in Proglucamune?

Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan, a natural carbohydrate derived from the cell walls of a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast, Reishi mushroom, Shiitake mushroom and Zinc.

9.  Can I take Proglucamune with my other medications?

For questions concerning taking USANA products while on medications and the potential interactions, your best resource is your pharmacist, physician, or other health care professional. These health care professionals have the training and expertise to help you make an informed decision. We further recommend that, as a basis for such discussions, you provide copies of labels describing the contents of the USANA products in question.

10. If I am pregnant or breast-feeding, can I take Proglucamune?

Proglucamune is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

11. What classifies Proglucamune as a premium product?

Compared to the other products in the market, Proglucamune is the only product with four key potent immune-boosting natural ingredients (certified-organic Reishi and Shiitake mushroom, Beta-Glucan from Baker’s Yeast and Zinc) for supporting healthy immune function. USANA only uses high quality and premium raw materials to make sure we produce the most exceptional products.

ProglucamuneTM is laboratory tested, quality guaranteed and meets British Pharmacopoeia specifications for potency, uniformity and disintegration where applicable.

Using Proglucamune

Adults take two(2) Proglucamune tablets daily, preferably with meals.

USANA Australia has made this special product available in July 2015.

Visit our USANA approved online store for shopping all the USANA Products.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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