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USANA Reset Challenge 2015 winners and their testimonials

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usana reset 2015 winnersArticle extracted from USANA Australia Magazine 2015

“This transformation means a lot to me. I feel lot more active and energised and I am able to do some of the things that I couldn’t do before. “ – Mahesh Jayasuriya


Pooja De Silva

Australian USANA RESET Nation Challenge winner Pooja De Silva has changed her life and is now using her incredible journey to inspire others. Throughout her journey so far Pooja has lost an amazing 26kgs totaling up to 32.13% body fat. Her blood pressure has also returned to a healthy level and her cholesterol count has dropped from 6.7 to 3.7 – overall, fantastic results. Prior to the RESET challenge, Pooja had followed countless diets, which had given her “no real results”, so she decided to take part in the RESET Nation Challenge to improve her health and wellbeing.

Pooja said during the challenge she exercised “hard and smart” with her personal trainer – Scott Lawrence. “Initially, I found the exercise component associated with the RESET program to be very challenging. However, I continued to challenge myself, week after week with perseverance, strict discipline, unshaken mindset, a firmer commitment and total dedication,” she said.

“In addition to my exercise regime, the intake of the recommended USANA supplements played a vital role in my RESET program. I now feel rejuvenated, a lot lighter in weight, bursting with energy and confidence.”

Pooja said she thanks USANA for her “comprehensive transformation”.

“For the first time in many years I am now down to a healthy weight and am able to wear fitted clothes to complement my new body shape,” she said. “I am embracing my success of winning the first place in Australia and the countless compliments that I receive from my family and friends. Life is fantastic…thank you USANA for this unparalleled opportunity. “Throughout my RESET journey I have been fortunate in receiving tremendous support from my family and my TVD uplines Rita and Vajira Amarasinghe. Their ongoing words of encouragement never failed to push me to reach higher goals”. Pooja said she has now “embarked on a significant life changing journey, enjoying a healthier and an active lifestyle” and her goal is to maintain and enjoy her new lifestyle and promote and raise her business to the next level by sharing her success story.

Mahesh Jayasuriya

Australian RESET Nation Challenge winner Mahesh Jayasuriya remembers being overweight for almost a decade. He was scared of getting sick and not being able to see his kids grow up so he decided to reset his life… Mahesh said over the years he tried many times to reduce his weight in various ways but none of them worked out in a positive way. “I am a father of two beautiful kids, Alan and Shevan, who are very active and energised. They always wanted to play with me, but it was difficult for me and I tired out very quickly,” he said.

“I was lucky enough to get introduced to USANA and came to know about the RESET Challenge. That’s when I decided to participate in the challenge and change my life so that I could enjoy a happy, healthy long-life with my loved ones and spend more active time with my kids too.”

After losing almost 33kgs during the challenge Mahesh said he is “so happy and proud” of his results. “That was massive and it’s a life-time achievement. All my loved ones are also happy with my transformation,” he said. “This transformation means a lot to me. I feel lot more active and energised and I am able to do some of the things that I couldn’t do before. I also feel very good about how I look and everyone appreciates my new body. Even now I can wear my favourite clothes which I couldn’t wear before. My self-confidence has increased and now I am living a happy, healthy life.” Mahesh said he would definitely recommend the challenge to other people. “It is a good opportunity for people to get motivated and get onto the right track. Anybody who participates in this challenge is a winner. They all want to change their lives for the better,” he said. Mahesh wants to thank everyone who supported him throughout this journey including his wife (Shammi Jayasuriya) and two kids, his parents and relatives, Ann Perera (2014 RESET Challenge winner), Peter Howe (personal trainer at the 24/7 Anytime Fitness Roxburgh), and all his friends. “I also want to take this opportunity to thank USANA for letting me into their family.”


Jude Franklin

New Zealand USANA RESET Nation Challenge winner Jude Franklin’s journey began back in 2014 when she injured her back in a car accident. This injury not only made it difficult to exercise but to even walk and over the next year Jude gained weight and was struggling to get through each day. Once Jude had recovered from her injury, which meant she could now do moderate exercise, Jude was constantly tired and couldn’t get out of bed in the morning so she decided it was time to make a change. “I had watched a friend go through the Challenge the year before and seen her transformation. There was no doubt in my mind that I could do this,” she said. “When this friend suggested I do the USANA challenge I grabbed the opportunity and put everything into it. “At the start I walked the dog daily and swam every day. I joined a keep-fit group and trained most evenings as well. After six weeks I started running which I had not done for over four years. This meant a huge increase in my fitness.” Jude said she is “ecstatic” with her weight loss results. “I feel so good. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” she laughed.

“USANA has impacted my life in many ways. I now feel so much more confident in myself, my health has improved and my skin is now clear and radiant.

“I am sleeping better, I can focus better, my body shape has improved and my posture is better. “I couldn’t have done this without USANA, thankyou, you have given me my life back.” Jude said she now wants to tone up and continue to grow her own USANA business. When asked to describe her new outlook on life she simply said “dream big, achieve more”

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The USANA RESET Nation Challenge 2015

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usana reset 2015Written by Emily Alaniz from USANA Head Office

Are you ready to challenge yourself? Is this the year you get healthy and raise your business to the next level? From January 5 to March 29, 2015, the USANA RESET™ Nation Challenge will push you to be your best—whether that means losing weight, exercising more, or getting your business in line with your goals. It’s exactly the motivation you need to excel. Could one challenge really have all these benefits? You might be surprised.

working toward a healthier lifestyle is an admirable goal, but it can’t be done overnight. It takes a series of steps that will be different for everyone—maybe you want to start walking a mile a day, maybe you want to give up soda, or maybe you want to eat six servings of fruits and veggies every day. No matter what your path is to becoming healthier, everyone could use a jumpstart and a reason to stick with their resolutions. The USANA RESET Nation Challenge has several winning categories: male, female, partners, total weight loss, and essays. The top three participants in each category earn a trip to Sanoviv Medical Institute in Baja California, Mexico. For this exclusive trip, the winners will enjoy every luxury—an ocean view, a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere, and delicious, fresh meals that also happen to be super healthy. On top of all this pampering, these weight-loss superstars will also learn more about how proper nutrition works on a cellular level.


Former USANA RESET Challenge winner, and USANA Silver Director, Vicente Gutierrez knew he needed some serious motivation in order to make a change in his life. “I needed something that would set me apart from the person that I was before to help me be the new person I wanted to become,” he explains. “I wanted to inspire others and show them that no matter what others may say or think of you, you always have the choice. You can either make excuses or make things happen. You can’t do both.” During those 12 weeks, Vicente had many challenges in addition to losing weight. First, it was important to him that he spend time with his two-year-old daughter and support his wife, who was pregnant. He also reinjured his back at this time, making it more difficult to stay active. “Yes, it was hard,” he says, “but that did not stop me.” Vicente embraced the idea that every day of the challenge counts. “I began to notice that my purpose was not just to win the challenge, but to empower one person at a time,” he explains. “No one was going to keep me from winning.”


usana vicente gutierrez

“I wanted to inspire others and show them that no matter what others may say or think of you, you always have the choice. You can either make excuses or make things happen. You can’t do both.” —Vicente Gutierrez


Nutrimeal™—These super convenient meal-replacement shakes are the perfect way to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the go. They’re also low glycemic, so you won’t have to worry about these tasty shakes spiking your blood sugar.

Protein Snacks—If you ever have a craving for a sweet treat, reach for one of USANA’s Protein Snacks. They taste like soft-baked cookies and brownies, but they’re loaded with filling protein.

Berry Nutty™ Nutrition Bars—For a healthy snack, turn to USANA’s minimally processed whole foods bar. The blend of fruit and nuts is simple, tasty, and satisfying.

The USANA HealthPak™—These packs contain the USANA® Essentials™, Active Calcium™, and AO Booster™, which provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to give you optimal nutrition during your weight-loss journey.

Low-Glycemic Meals—After your initial USANA Reset 5-Day Jumpstart Phase, you’ll need to supplement USANA foods with your own healthy meals. Eating low glycemic usually means loading up your plate with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.

To Purchase USANA Reset program, please visit our USANA Reset Diet and Energy Page.

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Reset your life with USANA Reset and Nutrimeal

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usana nutrimeal reset From USANA Asia Pacific Magazine.

Many of us probably want a perfect body figure. Especially during the summer time, you may want a slim and healthy body shape to take part in all kinds of outdoor activities. However, many people might have adopted the wrong method to slim, like immoderate diet, excessive exercises and weight management plan with unbalanced nutrition. These can indeed lead to a lot of health problems and you might even gain rather than lose weight. USANA RESET Weight Management program is composed of three simple steps (Jumpstart, Transform, Maintain), helping you shape your body healthy and establish a good lifestyle progressively. Start your USANA RESET program now and build your figure.

Starting today, take action to carry out the RESET program designed by USANA scientists! The program includes three phases, namely “JumpStart, Transform, and Maintain”. You will find it easy, rapid and efficient to achieve your ideal weight and to practice your healthy lifestyle.

Your USANA Reset journey begins with the 5-dat Jumpstart Phase. It’s all about building up a good diet and saying goodbye to sugar and fats. It’s a jump start to healthy living.

One of the possible factors leading to the rise of obesity is the emergence of processed foods with high glycemic index taken by modern people. Thus, getting away from high glycemic foods is essential for health.

USANA Nutrimeal (Glycemic Index 23) is clinically proven to be low glycemic. It has three flavors, including Ducth Chocolate, French Vanilla and Wild Strawberry. Containing good carbohyrates, quality protein and healthy fats, USANA Nutrimeal provides you with macronutrients. The 5-Day Jumpstart Phase is simple and convenient. Each day you replace your meals with USANA Nutrimeal. You can also eat low glycemic snacks or one serving of fruit and vegetables if needed.

So what is glycemic index then?

Glycemic index measures how quickly blood sugar levels rise after eating a particular type of food within 2 hours. Research shows that low glycemic index diet reduces blood sugar and insulin fluctuations, promote fat metabolism and prevents fat from breaking down into nonestesterified fatty acids. It helps control appetite and increase satiety. In contrast, high glycemic foods are quickly absortbed and converted into sugar, increasing blood sugar and insulin and producing hunger quickly. Excessive intake of foods as well as calories is thus resulted.

The glycemic index is show as follows:

  • Low glycemic index – 55 or less
  • Medium glycemic index – 56 to 69
  • High glycemic index – 70 or above

The transform Phase of RESET lasts for four to eight weeks. To keep up the momentum after you complete the Jumpstart Phase, this phase helps you gradually incorporate low fat diet and regular exercise in your daily life, so as to continue to make healthy habits a way of life.

usana reset

In this stage, you can take low to moderately low glycemic foods as your dinner and snack after breakfast and lunch, but breakfast and lunch still remain to be USANA Nutrimeal.

During the weight management program, reduction in food intake may probably result in a shortage of dietary fiber. It may then weaken intestinal motility, digestion and absorption of food. In addition, body water decreases after doing exercise and it may possibly lead to constipation programs. To improve the gastrointestinal problems during the program, you can drink more water and absorb more dietary fiber, in order to promote intestinal movement. As a result, the water in the food is not overly absorbed and normal bowel movement can be maintained.

Dietary fiber is low in calories and high in absorbency. It helps provided satiety and curbs the craving for snacks during the weight management program. Fruits and vegetables are low glycemic food with high degree of fiber, thus serving as a good choice for refreshments and dinner. Besides, Nutrimeal can be blended with Fibergy Plus. With high fiber content, this mixture allows you to increase satiety and promote bowel movement. It also promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria, effective food digestion and nutrients absorption.

The Maintain Phase of USANA RESET lasts for four to twelve weeks. It consolidates the healthy regimen you built in the Transform Phase, avoids rebounding weight loss and keeps your goal weight in the long run.

In this stage, you can eat low to medium glycemic foods for your snack after breakfast, lunch, and snack after lunch, and dinner, but resume USANA Nutrimeal as breakfast.

You need to keep doing exercise consistently during the whole plan. Since unused calories may turn into fat and store in the body, those fat may further accumulate over time and lead to obesity and weight rebound. Therefore, regular exercise can promote metabolism, consume excessive fat and increase muscle mass.

Comprehensive Nutrition Care during RESET

When carrying out USANA RESET program, don’t forget to take comprehensive and balanced nutrients to energize your body. USANA quality nutritional supplements can replenish your body cells with nutrients needed and ease the practice of your USANA RESET Program.

Purchase USANA Reset Program from USANA Approved Site in Australia.

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USANA Reset Our Weight Loss Winners

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usana reset

Article published in USANA Australia Magazine 2014 – RESET Challenge

Pasindu from onlooker to champion!

Cricket is Pasindu Sunilchandra’s passion but his ballooning weight was hindering his dream of playing top class cricket. ‘I couldn’t play premier cricket 0 I was sluggish, lacked confidence and was happy’.

Then, an injury stopped Pasindu’s cricketing altogether and, being unable to drive whilst injured, he couldn’t work either. Stuck at home, Pasindu snacked continuously.

‘Then, my friend Adrian Anthony Ferdinand encouraged me to start the USANA RESET Program; I began researching USANA and the challenge itself.’

Ticking health time-bomb

‘I learnt from the True Health Assessment that I had a 70 percent chance of developing type 2 diabetes, a condition that I am familiar with since more than 60 percent of my family have been diagnosed with it. By that time, I had had enough of the constant backaches and knee problems, I felt during daily activities.’

Standing at 182 cm tall and tipping the scales at 107 kg convinced him that joining the worldwide challenge could help. And so, he committed himself 100 percent.

Jump-starting health

While the 5-Day Jumpstart was a challenge for Pasindu, he soon got into the program and the rapid weight-loss was motivating.

Continuing his personal challenge with a single-minded strength that he- and others around him- never knew he had, Pasindu dropped an incredible 30 kg over the total weight-loss challenge. And, he had transformed from a gym-avoider to gym-regular and from wearing XXL shirts to L in three months.

Now, Pasindu is enjoying eating healthier foods and has found a passion in encouraging others to follow in his get-healthy footsteps.

‘But the best part is how much better I feel,’ says Pasindu. ‘I now have more energy and my sleeping patterns have improved. My mind is much clearer and I can concentrate sharply on my tasks – something that never happened when I was eating junk foods. I have an overall sense of wellbeing that I never experienced when I was heavier. My knee problem has disappeared and I feel so much more athletic.’

Great job Pasindu!

Maria: No more drab only time for fab!

Motivation is the driver behind every lifestyle change. And for Maria, the biggest motivator was the desire to fit into her pretty dresses again.

‘I really wanted to wear the pretty dresses I used to wear 15 years ago. And so, I placed pretty clothes opposite my bed. I could see them every day and told myself that I was going to be able to fit in them soon!’

Congratulations to all of our wonderful RESET Challenge weight-loss winners in Australia and New Zealand And if you haven’t met them already, get to know our three top winners from our region!

Another incentive for Maria was the incredible trip to Sanoviv plus, she wanted to realize her lifelong goal – to try kite surfing: ‘I needed strength and fitness to do this, so I set my goal. And my goal was to do it this year!’

Weight-loss made easy

And so Maria began her incredible transformation. ‘I chose the USANA RESET Program because it was so easy to follow. I love the Nutrimeal shakes, they are delicious. USANA Foods and shakes are scientifically balanced in carbohydrates, proteins and good fats that the body needs plus essentials micronutrients. They are also low glycemic index; I trust USANA products.’

On the journey

For Maria, it was great to know that people around the world were setting themselves similar goals. ‘It was nice to see that thousands of people around the world were working out and overcoming the same obstacles as me. I felt like I was not on my own and that I was part of a community. Entering my weekly weight on the RESET Challenge website and seeing my statistics changing was also great because I could see my improvement over a period of weeks,’ says Maria.

Hurdles along the way

Although the RESET Program takes care of your calorie intake and encourages a balanced diet, exercise is a significant contributor to any weight-loss journey. For Maria, being active was her biggest challenge. And, she admits that there were some days that she couldn’t fit exercise into her already-busy schedule. She believes that if she had been able to exercise daily, her goal weight could have been reached even faster.

Sanoviv – the dream!

So it was with a great deal of delight that Maria realized that she had won the USANA RESET Challenge for New Zealand. And, the incredible trip to Sanoviv in Mexico.

‘It was an incredible experience,’ says Maria. ‘I was detoxing, wearing organic cotton clothes and eating delicious organic meals. I recommend it to anyone who wants to treat an illness with an integrated and holistic approach and also to people who want to get healthier.’

So what about the future?

Maria is delighted to report that she is the product of the product that is the RESET Program. ‘It really works and I want to share my story and inspire and help other people to lose weight, too. I have a fitness background, a Diploma in Fitness Training and a Bachelor in Sport and Recreation with a major in Exercise Science. Bur in the past, I had the knowledge but not the fitness, energy, stamina or the silhouette I have now. Today, I have my fitness career back thanks to the RESET Challenge!’ And we know, Maria’s going to run with it!

Congratulations Maria!

From overweight to great mum and chef Ann’s RESET health revival!

In 2013, super busy chef, 35-year-old Ann Perera and her husband about to celebrate their ten year wedding anniversary and their two wonderful little girls; they decided to commemorate the decade with a commitment ring.

Ann says: ’I was pretty unhappy at being a size 14-16 dress size. But things were about to get worse! When we went along to take a look at the rings in a jeweller, I was amazed to find that there were no rings big enough to fit my finger! None! I think that was my lowest time.’

Ann weighed 89.9 kg and was constantly tired. Her knees ached at the end of every day and her doctor diagnosed early arthritis.

Health focus

‘Then one of my friends introduced USANA supplements to me. I started thinking about health much more and joined USANA as an Associate. I met Jerome Amarasinghe the winner of USANA RESET Challenge 2013 and was amazed!’

With better health was her main motivation, she determinedly gave the 2014 USANA RESET Challenge a go. She lost 1.75 kg during the USANA 5-Day Jumpstart and was encouraged to continue. Ann began to train with a personal trainer – Carolyn from Snap Fitness – twice a week.

Carolyn and commitment 

‘I noticed one day that I was sixth in the leader board and excitedly told my friends. Later I told Carolyn and she said that I could be number one if I wanted to. But, I needed to be mentally and physically up for it. So I stepped up my game – and my exercise intensity. I hope you understand me when I say that every time I left that gym, there was a new part of me that was aching…’

With the family enjoying the healthier meals Ann was cooking, the whole of the Perera clan’s health began to improve.

Ann says: ‘As a result of losing weight through the USANA RESET™ Program, getting physically fit, eating healthily and taking USANA supplements i.e., USANA HealthPak™, Procosamine™, Active Calcium Plus™ and HepaPlus™, I felt great. I love the taste of all Nutrimeal shakes and snacks – they helped to keep me healthy and strong and I didn’t feel tired. In fact, I had more energy than before, especially during busy days in the restaurant.

Now, Ann maintains her healthy weight by going to the gym every day. And she wonders how she could have carried that weight with her for such a long time.

A shiny new career

Ann lost 28 kg and is now a size 6-8 with a body fat of just 17.6 percent – she feels so proud. ‘Having seen the changes in me, all my family and friends want to make better-health changes themselves. I am very keen on completing a personal training and nutrition course and combine all that I have learnt together with my chef skills to help the community. I now know how to lose weight and be healthier and I know I can make a meaningful difference to people who want to do the same but don’t know where to start.’

‘Now, I am loving life. Big thanks to USANA for giving me the opportunity to participate in the USANA RESET Challenge!’

Ann finishes by saying: ‘Now, I am loving life. Big thanks to USANA for giving me the opportunity to participate in the USANA RESET Challenge. Thank you also to Rita and Vajira Amarasinghe. This whole experience has helped me to change my outlook. I love the way I feel now and I aim to remain healthy – and to help others, too!’

Congrats Ann – you look wonderful!

Interest in managing your weight in healthy and effective way? Purchase RESET™ or other Health Products now from USANA Approved Supplements Online Store or contact us on this toll free number:  1800821914

usana reset

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