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USANA Sensé – nutriton for your healthy skin

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Article extracted from USANA Australia associate magazine 2014 .

Whatever your age, stage or sex, the seasons, stress and pollution can play havoc with your skin. 

USANA Sensé range is formulated to go a step further than regular skin care – it sits where skincare meets nutrition. Products focus on skin health at the cell level so the Sensé range uses patented, pioneering technologies and pure and gentle ingredients to deliver fresh and visible results.

The USANA Sensé skin care range centres on the belief that for skin to function and look at its best, products need to provide much more than just a surface solution. They need to nourish and protect – without unwanted additives.

Does your skin cream contain preservative and parabens?

Preservatives are used to help prevent microorganisms (e.g. bacteria and moulds) from multiplying and causing spoilage. And parabens are common group of chemical preservatives widely used in foods, cosmetics and skincare; they are relatively cheap to use. If you are prone to sensitivity or irritation from cosmetics and toiletries, you may be reacting to parabens in the product. So, it’s best to avoid potential irritants.

The USANA Sensé range is free from chemical preservatives because your body is already exposed to chemicals daily and we don’t yet know what the long-term cumulative effects on health. Instead, the range uses a patented Self-Preserving Technology – an original blend of botanicals, antioxidants and active ingredients to keep every USANA Sensé skin care product fresh so that harsh chemicals including parabens and formaldehyde-producing chemicals aren’t needed. The SPT is carried in liquid crystals to deliver purifying botanicals and antioxidants to nourish the skin.

Dermal Surface Renewal Technology Dermal Surface Renewal (DSR) is USANA’s exclusive anti-ageing complex. In two effective ways, DSR supports the reduction of the appearance of existing signs of ageing helping to prevent the appearance of new lines and wrinkles. DSR is a marine-source formulation that evens skin tone and re-textures, refines, brightens, and firms the skin’s surface.

Part of the skin ageing process occurs when natural enzymes break down the proteins that keep skin looking youthful. These enzymes become more active with age. DSR is a scientific breakthrough that helps to maintain a firm and elastic intercellular-matrix; you can see the results right away. Skin looks rejuvenated, firmer and more elastic. DSR is found in Perfecting Essence™, Night Renewal™, Serum Intensive™ and Eye Nourisher™.

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Regenisomes supply enzymes that assist cell renewal in sun damaged skin called photosomes. Find these fast-acting, light-activated enzymes in Daytime Protective Emulsion™. Ultrasomes work more slowly to protect the skin without light; find them in Night Renewal and Eye Nourisher. Proflavanol-T™ and Proteo-C™ Proflavanol-T and Proteo-C provide the powerful protection and renewal qualities you’ll find in every USANA Sensé product. These unique USANA formulations literally provide nutrition for skin.

Vitamin C is used in many products in the cosmetics industry, but it is very unstable. Most vitamin C compounds lose about 60 per cent of their potency in the first month after
manufacturing. Proteo-C is different. It delivers active vitamin C to the dermal layers of skin where it is most needed. Proteo-C vitamin C complex (exclusive to USANA Sensé), contains
two bio-available forms of vitamin C – water- and lipid-soluble, which combines with the amino acids proline and glycine for a revolutionary complex ensuring vitamin C is delivered to the dermal layers of the skin. With powerful skin-protecting and firming qualities, this complex helps to reduce the appearance of skin ageing, helps neutralise free radicals and improve skin radiance and texture.

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Proteo C – the benefits

• Firms, brightens and helps reduce uneven skin tones
• Improves skins radiance, clarity and texture
• Shields and protects skin from daily environmental

Shields and protects skin from daily environmental damage. Proflavanol-T a complex of whole grape extract, green tea extract, rice-derived gamma oryzanol and vitamin E. This flavonoid rich complex helps to shield and protect skin from effects of the environment whilst providing natural moisture. Research shows that grape seed extract contains unique potent antioxidants with many skin benefits. Plus, an active form of vitamin E which helps protect cell membranes. Rice-derived gamma oryzanol plus vitamin E make for a powerful antioxidant to soothe and moisturise. Proflavanol-T the benefits:

• Natural moisture protect complex rich in flavonoids as a first line of defence for healthy looking skin
• Helps shield and protect skin from daily effects of the environment
• Helps protect skin from free radical damage

Other beneficial ingredients

USANA Sensé also features soy protein which is rich in free radical fighting antioxidants which brighten the skin and have age-defying hydrating properties. Products also contain lipids, shea and mango butters plus nut oil to be rapidly absorbed, rejuvenate and soften. Botanicals and plant extracts include lotus, ginseng, calendula, saponaria, orange peel, lavender, liquorice, gingko biloba and rosemary for luxury and natural benefits.

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