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usana products scientistsQuestion:   How do I determine which USANA products are right for me? 


USANA understands that each of us has a unique health profile and thus unique nutritional needs. Part of a lifelong program of good nutrition is recognizing that we all have different nutritional needs, and that our needs change as we move from one stage of life to the next. For each one of us, a unique combination of age, sex, lifestyle, and other considerations demand a nutritional program that is both flexible and customized. USANA Nutritionals comprise both the Essentials and the Optimizers to successfully meet this challenge. The Essentials products provide the foundation of USANA’s Nutritional system. The Optimizers allow you to customize a nutritional system for your individual needs. By using the following two-step process, you can create a complete nutritional program to fit your nutritional needs.

First, choose between the Usanimals for children, Body Rox for teens, or USANA Essentials for adults.

Next, choose the Optimizers that suit your individual needs. Optimizers are grouped by label color in categories according to their primary benefits. You will find Optimizers that support cardiovascular health, skeletal/structural health, immune health, and more.

USANA HealthPak 100 includes both Essentials and selected optimizers. The contents of the “Ask the Scientists” site are for informational purposes only.

If you are new to USANA Products, we suggest you use our cutting edge tool – USANA online true health assessment program to get your recommended products list with priority from high to low by providing some health and diet information to the tool.

Question:  Can USANA make product recommendations for specific medical conditions?


We are committed to providing you with current scientific information regarding the composition, manufacture, and use of USANA products, and with up-to-date information regarding the role of nutrition in health.

We strongly believe that the consistent use of high quality nutritional supplements may play a role in the prevention of certain chronic degenerative diseases. However, there are a few cases where nutritional supplements may not be appropriate.

In these instances we are unable to provide you with medical and medication advice. Instead, we suggest you seek the guidance of our nutritionists or health consultants by calling our Australia Toll free number:  1800821914.

Our health consultants will ask for your medical and medication history and have the USANA Products training and expertise to help you make an informed products recommendation.

We further recommend that, as a basis for such discussions, you provide copies of labels describing the contents of the USANA products in question. This will better enable our health consultants to determine which USANA products may be appropriate for you.

The contents of the “Ask the Scientists” site are for informational purposes only.

The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis.


Question:  Can USANA provide comparisons to competitor’s products?


USANA is unable to address questions concerning comparisons with other companies’ products. We are obviously aware of the many competing products on the market. However, since we do not have access to the proprietary details of other companies’ products, it is difficult to make valid comparisons. You can make content comparisons yourself by reviewing product labels. Utilize the information in our literature and website regarding quality of manufacturing and science based formulations.

It is generally just not possible to make fair comparisons without access to information regarding their suppliers, proprietary formulas, and manufacturing practices.

The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis.


Can the vitamins cause dependency? Will I go through some type of withdrawal if I stop taking them?

Vitamins are molecular compounds necessary for normal health and growth in higher forms of animal life, including humans. We must obtain the vitamins we need from food or from supplements because our bodies cannot produce these compounds on its own. Lack of a particular vitamin in the diet may lead to a deficiency disease. (In fact, this is how vitamins were first discovered.)

Aside from the possibility of inadequate nutrient intake from the diet, there are no side-effects associated with discontinuing nutritional supplements.


Do USANA’s plastic bottles contain bisphenol-A (BPA)?

No. USANA does not provide any containers containing BPA, including product bottles and canisters, water bottles, and shaker bottles. All of these containers are made of PP (polypropylene) or HDPE (high density polyethylene), not PC (polycarbonate).

We will continue to monitor the research and information in this area to be sure we are only providing healthy and safe materials to our customers.


Are USANA supplements safe for people with sulfa allergies?

Many people who are allergic to sulfa drugs mistakenly assume that sulfate and sulfur are somehow related. Sulfa is an abbreviated name for specific antibiotics called sulfonamides. A person who is allergic to these medications should not use them.

Sulfur, on the other hand, is an essential mineral found in nearly all proteins, is part of vitamin B1, and is a component of several amino acids. It is not possible to be allergic to sulfur because the body would not function properly without it.

Sulfate is simply a combination of the elements sulfur and oxygen and is naturally present in relatively high concentrations in human blood.Bottom line: the USANA products do not contain sulfa drugs. Someone with a sulfa allergy can safely take all of USANA’s supplements.

Are there sulfites in any of the USANA products?

No. We do not use sulfite ingredients in any of the USANA products.

If I am allergic to Iodine, can I take the USANA Nutritionals?

Iodine is a constituent of the thyroid hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) and is an essential mineral in human nutrition. Iodine deficiency results in syndromes known as Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD), and ultimately goiter – in the case of extreme deficiency. Deficiency of the thyroid hormones leads to many effects in addition to thyroid gland enlargement, including congenital and developmental defects, poor growth, and mental retardation.

Except for rare instances of hypersensitivity to iodine (note that this is different than an allergy), humans are remarkably tolerant to high intakes of iodine. However, excessive supplementation (at least 2,000 mcg per day) of iodine may cause or exacerbate acne in some individuals. Kelp as a dietary supplement or fast foods containing high levels of iodized salt may contain sufficient iodine for this adverse effect.

Many people who have had allergic reactions to seafood or x-ray solutions may have been told that it is the iodine component that they are allergic to, which is not very probable. The radiology solutions and foods that contain iodine have many other components, or allergens, that are more likely to cause these types of reactions. If dietary iodine were truly the cause, one could not eat any foods containing iodine. Since so many foods contain small amounts of iodine it would be very difficult to avoid it completely. Of course, if you did avoid iodine completely, you would be faced with the deficiency problems discussed previously.

Some of the foods commonly containing dietary iodine and their iodine content per serving are as follows: dried beans -115 mcg, seafood – 66 mcg, spinach – 56 mcg, vegetables – 30 mcg, milk and products – 14 mcg, eggs – 13 mcg, whole grain wheat – 9 mcg, smaller amounts are founds in other grains, beef, rice, and even fruits.

If you have been told to avoid supplemental iodine because of a medication you are taking or because of a thyroid condition, please discuss the use of the MultiMineral with your health care provider.

A daily dose (4 tablets) of the MultiMineral product provides 225 mcg of iodine.

Question: What’s difference between the probiotic found in yogurt and USANA’s Probiotic? 


The strains contained! There are many strains of friendly bacteria and ours is renowned for their ability to withstand the harsh acidic environment in our stomach. Being able to flourish in our intestinal tract ensures the potency of the product. USANA Probiotic is not only meant to aid in digestion, but also better manages nutrient absorption, immune health and inflammation control. What’s best about USANA Probiotic is that it’s free from sugar and dairy content. It is suitable for literally everyone.

Is the vitamin c in Proflavanol c100 sufficient for an average person?

I’m afraid it’s not sufficient if we’re looking to promote a long-term optimal level of health in you. Everybody has a different optimal level of daily vitamin C requirement. The fact that vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin means our bodies do not store it for long, and you can never be sure that you have enough of it. This is why nutritionists usually suggest not just a higher level, but also a consistent daily supply of vitamin C. (Note: Too much vitamin C can lead to diarrhoea so watch out for such a sign.)

How do i know what am i missing in my diet? 

It’s actually really simple – since there’s no way to accurately gauge what you are missing from your daily diet, listen to your subconscious. If you have thought to yourself, “Hey, perhaps I’m not eating as healthily as I should be.”, you probably should seriously re-look your dietary habits. Marginal deficiencies start once imbalanced dietary habits are practised. Left uncorrected for a prolonged period, unsound nutritional status will start ‘creeping’ in. Many of us choose to remain ignorant but I certainly hope you’re not one of them. On a serious note, degenerative diseases that kill most of our beloved ones today are primarily due to bad dietary choices and poor nutritional status. Make a conscious effort to eat a healthy, balanced diet for a healthier you.

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